EA lets GOG offer Dungeon Keeper for free for 48 hours

first_imgThere’s a reason EA repeatedly gets voted the worst company in America. It’s due to the, quite frankly, stupid decisions it keeps making about the games it releases. SimCity anyone?The latest of those came in the form of a free-to-play version of Dungeon Keeper on mobile devices, which saw you waiting hours to perform very simple tasks. There was further controversy over the review manipulation EA has implemented on the Android version of the game.Of course, EA has dismissed any wrong doing publicly and will carry on doing what EA always does. But the publisher must be feeling a little bit bad because it has agreed to allow GOG.com to launch a pretty sweet offer: for the next two days you can download Dungeon Keeper Gold for PC and Mac completely free. And as it’s the Gold version you get the Deeper Dungeons expansion included.If that wasn’t enough to satiate you, GOG is also offering a 75% discount on Dungeon Keeper 2, meaning you can pick it up for just $1.49. The game includes a level editor if you get the urge to expand on the experience yourself.GOG realizes that the offer of Dungeon Keeper for free is going to put a massive strain on its servers, so they’ve taken a different approach to linking the title with your account. Instead of taking you directly to the checkout process when adding the game to your cart, an email will be sent to you with a link. Click the link, get the game. Simple.Due to the popularity of the offer you could be waiting some time for your email to arrive, so don’t hang about going to claim your copy. As long as you click the link on the homepage before the 48 hour period is up, you should get the game for free even if the email turns up after it has finished.last_img read more