The showers bring the flowers

first_imgHeavy competition. Interestingly, they were only attracted to the purple blooms. (Pat Blanchard)He’s ba-aack! My 6″ hand easily fit in this bear’s track – in my yard. (Pat Blanchard)Wood ducks stopped in to visit as they do every year on their way to summer home. I can say I finally got my ducks in a row. (Jack Mills)A female Cardinal that came to our feeder during the snow storm. (Jim Dwinal)The last big snow storm in our backyard in Farmington. (Jim Dwinal)Canada geese take a rest in a cornfield before heading to their nextdestination. (Don Waterhouse)Recent rains provided plenty of water for Cascade Stream in Farmington. (Don Waterhouse)Deer in Weld. (Dennis York)Deer in Weld. (Dennis York)Mother goose. (Dennis York)A large beaver lodge in the middle of a long dam, Wilton. (C. Tappan)Walking into Mount Blue State Park yesterday. It was 40 degrees, but this broken tree branch had foot long icicles hanging down. Anyone know why? (Zack Thompson)(Karen Dalot)(Karen Dalot)(Karen Dalot)(Karen Dalot)(Karen Dalot)(Karen Dalot)Little Chip checks for an all clear from one of his hundred or so hiding places. (Jane Naliboff)Wondering about safety, Little Chip dared to check out the grass outside his safe place. (Jane Naliboff)After spotting the human outside his entrance, Little Chip backed up into his pipe. (Jane Naliboff)Portrait time for Little Chip. (Jane Naliboff)Granite steps make a safe, south facing, chipmunk hide out. (Jane Naliboff)A plus sized Teddy Bear gives me the scary, hairy eyeball. (Jane Naliboff)Feeling there was no danger he could discern with his exceptional olfactory ability (small eyes, big nose) he went back to relaxing while licking fallen seeds. (Jane Naliboff)Magnolia buds burst open. Spring is arriving posthaste in spite of snow, high winds, power and phone outages, and the pandemic. Everything’s coming up roses. (Jane Naliboff)It won’t belong before the sweet smell of lilacs permeates the air. (Jane Naliboff)Moss spreads on a woodland rock in a leaf pattern. (Jane Naliboff)The moss we walk on without hesitation. Perhaps we ought to be more mindful of where we step in the future. (Jane Naliboff)One of two vultures circling over my house. (Jane Naliboff)last_img read more