first_imgIS IT TRUE that Evansville went through a change over the past few years and there is both good and bad associated with the changes?…the changes associated with the national election of 2016 happened in Evansville in 2011?…the tipping point for Evansville came when the late great mayoral candidate Rick Davis wiped the good old boy network of the previous democrat leadership out of power?…many good old boys were shocked and amazed at how thin the ice that they were on actually was?…this purging do the old order was a good thing for the City Of Evansville?IS IT TRUE that downtown Evansville for the first time in many years has less buildings with “available” signs in the windows than there are actual businesses operating?…while the Ford Center has not seemed to have inspired any business growth, the plans to expand the Tropicana Casino to land combined with a Doubletree Hotel, new housing development and a IU Medical School seems to have inspired some economic activity?…growth has been a long time coming and many taxpayer dollars have been used to incentivize this small growth spurt but the jury is still out on whether or not this really sticks this time or not?…it would be quite positive if all of these small start ups thrive, but we shall see over the next several years if this is lasting or just another head fake like the ones from 2007-2008?IS IT TRUE that the McCurdy Hotel is finally beginning to look like there may be a spark of life on the horizon?…after eight and a half years of false starts and delusional expectations the old girl looks to be on the verge of actually becoming an apartment building as was promised by the mayor of Evansville in the summer of 2008?…reality is finally beginning to show some kindness to downtown Evansville and the City County Observer is pleased to see this positive activity?IS IT TRUE that 2017 is shaping up to be a very good year economically for the City of Evansville, the State of Indiana, and the United States of America?  …we hope that the many of millions of dollars that Mayor Winnecke have spent or committed to the overall economic development on Downtown, North Main Street and Haynes Corner Arts District will pay off in the long term?IS IT TRUE we would like to congratulate the news team at Channel 44 News for scooping the so called established mainstream media by two breaking news stories concerning Councilman Weaver legal problems  and the Icemen move to Florida?  ..we highly recommend that you turn you dial to Channel 44 News for the latest breaking news without the political bias spin?IS IT TRUE we wonder why former Evansville Mayor and Ivy Tech-Evansville Chancellor Jonathan Wienzapfel hasn’t demanded that the soon to built IU Medical School include Ivy Tech 1,500 Medical Tech schools in their plans?IS IT TRUE in another bizarre show of idiocy, a group of people in Chicago who think they have concocted a solution that will be successful in getting President Trump to release his tax returns? …the solution that this esteemed group of citizens have come up with is to gather at the Trump Tower on the Chicago River and collectively moon the building? …for those of you who do not recognize the term “moon” that means they are planning on all showing their bare butts to the building at the same time?…it would have been truly entertaining to have been a fly on the wall when this plan was hatched?…someone had to seriously start the conversation on how to smoke our Trump’s tax returns by showing their butts?…our prediction since this is expected to be largely a group of women that teenage boys from miles around will go to Chicago to get a glimpse of nirvana and who knows, they may even grab a few?…in all seriousness, the left is loosing it’s collective mind and proving it more every day?…this mooning stunt has about the same chance of getting the President to release his tax returns as any of us has to fly to the moon tonight and bring home a couple of pounds of green cheese?…it is time for a national look in the mirror and maybe some time on a therapist’s couch?…the people showing their butts and parading around in costumes that look like body parts collectively think President Trump needs therapy?…a great person once said “physician heal yourself” and that is desperately needed in the butt flashing brigade?FOOTNOTE NOTE: Todays ‘READERS POLL” question is  Are you please with the overall progress of Downtown, North Main Street and Haynes Corner Arts District Evansville?FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Bullet journaling to provide organizational, creative resource to Saint Mary’s students

first_imgSaint Mary’s students will be able to participate in a new bullet journaling program sponsored by the Office for Civic and Social Engagement beginning Tuesday. The activity will be held on the last Tuesday of every month in the Reignbeaux Lounge of LeMans Hall from 5:30 to 7 p.m., Kris Choinacky, assistant director of the Office of Civic and Social Engagement, said in an email. Bullet journaling is not only an engaging and creative activity, but it also can help students build important life skills, Choinacky noted. “Bullet journals are do-it yourself planners, scrap books, goal-setting trackers and diary inserts all in one. It’s an individualized productivity tool,” she said. Students have previously expressed interest in bullet journaling, Choinacky said, and so far, the program has gained a lot of support. “Before Christmas, we gave journals to some of our student staff as a gift and told them about the plans for this semester,” Choinacky said. “They were super excited and expressed interest if guidance and supplies were provided.”After she witnessed her 11-year-old daughter’s experience bullet journaling, Choinacky was inspired to bring the activity to Saint Mary’s.“It’s a work of art,” she said. This activity can help students set and maintain goals, Choinacky asserted, as well as bring the College community together. “Bullet journaling is a place where students can track everything going on in your life,” she said. “We want to inspire students to use their creativity to plan their future by tracking their goals. It will be an opportunity for students to share ideas with each other and gain new friendships.”The Office of Civil and Social Engagement chose this project to connect with students and provide them with the materials to engage in this experience. Choinacky said the office is always looking for ways to build relationships and engagement with students.“Plus, we want to support them to be successful,” Choinacky said. Students who want to learn more about the craft will have the opportunity to explore bullet journaling throughout the semester and are encouraged to attend the event on Tuesday. Though all are welcome to show up, Choinacky emphasized it would be helpful if interested students register for the event by emailing her so the office can provide enough snacks and supplies.“So far we have several students who have registered and are looking forward to more students coming,” Choinacky said.Tags: bullet journaling, creativity, Office of Civic and Social Engagement, organizationlast_img read more

Pick the Best Poinsettia

first_imgPicking the plant with the brightest red color isn’t necessarily thebest choice when selecting a poinsettia plant for the holidays.”You want to select a plant that hasn’t turned completely red if youwant it to look vibrant throughout the holidays,” said RonOetting, a University of Georgia entomologist.”You also want to pick a plant that hasn’t flowered yet.”The bracts of a poinsettia are often mistaken for the flower. “The flowersare not the color,” Oetting said. “The flowers are more insignificant andare found in the center of the plant.” He said a good selection would bea plant with six to seven bracts (flowers).”Search for a plant with dark green foliage and a stiff stem,” he said.”A good-sized, full plant with five or more branches should be an excellentselection.”Check the base of the plant, because sometimes a pot will actually containtwo plants.Growing poinsettias is a $7 million industry in Georgia. But it’s hardfor growers to make a profit on the plants, Oetting said.”There’s an overproduction and you have a lot of people who are growinglow-quality plants,” he said. “They’re flooding the department stores withthese plants at low prices. Consumers seem to think if it’s got a littlered on it, it’s a good plant.”For this reason, Oetting said, the economics of growing poinsettiasis poor. “Growers don’t get much more for poinsettia plants today thanthey did 10 or 20 years ago,” he said.Oetting also advises consumers to make sure they aren’t bringing homehitchhikers with their new holiday plant.”Silverleaf whiteflies have been major pests of poinsettias since thelate 1980s,” he said. “They inhabit the underside of the leaves and suckthe juices and sap from the plant.”Evidence of whiteflies is obvious, he said. When they excrete the plant’sjuices, they drop a “honeydew” substance onto the leaves below.”If the plant has sticky leaves and you see dots on the undersides ofthe leaves, don’t buy it,” he said. The scale-looking “dots,” he said,are whitefly nymphs.The adult whiteflies look like white flies, giving them the name. “Whenyou shake the plant,” Oetting said, “it looks like smoke going up whenthe whiteflies fly out.”Conducting research at the GeorgiaExperiment Station in Griffin, Oetting works closely with the greenindustry to find solutions to problems greenhouse growers face.He is studying the effects of pesticides, soaps, oils, plant derivatives,insect growth regulators, biological control and microbial control in thefight against whiteflies.”Unfortunately, chemical management with pesticides is still the mosteffective means of fighting whiteflies,” he said.last_img read more

Police arrest suspect in Cheboygan drug case

first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to MoreAddThisALPENA, Mich. — The Straits Area Narcotics Enforcement and Michigan State Police went on a car chase to stop a man fleeing from police in Cheboygan.Leading to the pursuit, the narcotics team got word the unnamed suspect was in possession of meth and other drugs at a motel. The suspect switched homes and drove off in a pickup truck. Police eventually stopped the driver and took him into custody.Investigators believe they found meth in the driver’s truck, who is currently being treated for minor injuries.The Cheboygan County prosecutor is now reviewing the case.AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to MoreAddThisContinue ReadingPrevious Alpena named a Tree City USA Community for 20th timeNext Meet the Boogie Woogie Kid at the Alpena Librarylast_img read more