Elephants, Mammoths, and Terror: The Ivory Trade Crisis

first_img(Visited 100 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Terror organizations are slaughtering elephants at alarming rates to sell the ivory in Asia and buy weapons. What to do?Mammoths and elephants possess an expensive commodity high in demand: ivory. Several articles point out the crisis this has created when politics and money get involved. It’s a story of human greed and evil, but also an intriguing mystery: how did millions of mammoths die?Fox News interviewed the producer of a disturbing documentary about elephant poaching. 33,000 elephants a year are being slaughtered for their ivory by poachers, he says, some of them members of the most violent terror gangs in Africa. The poachers sell the ivory to the Chinese, and use the money to buy weapons for their terror campaigns. It’s a scenario hatched in hell. What to do?Douglas MacMillan has a counter-intuitive idea. A Professor of Conservation and Applied Resource Economics at University of Kent, MacMillan argues on The Conversation that “banning the mammoth ivory trade would be a huge mistake.” His reasons touch on issues of market economics, government pressure, and human nature.There is widely held belief that the only way we can protect globally endangered species that are being poached for the international wildlife trade is to completely ban the trade. This is a dangerous misconception and will speed up extinction rather than prevent it.Adrian Lister, a mammoth expert from University College London, recently suggested that mammoths should be listed under the convention on international trade in endangered species to keep their ivory from being laundered into an illegal trade in tusks. He argued that the mammoth trade is encouraging the poaching of elephants by keeping up the demand for ivory.This is madness.It’s clear that government bans are not working. Like he says, it just encourages a black market. MacMillan’s article also touches on an amazing phenomenon: the frozen mammoths of the Arctic.Mammoths and mammoth ivory is not rare – it is estimated that there are 10 million mammoths that remain incarcerated within the permafrost of the Arctic tundra. And in any case a ban on mammoth ivory would not stop the trade, it would simply drive it underground and attract the attention of organised crime groups. For example, in my own research I found that prices for illegally caught whale meat rose very quickly when enforcement efforts intensified and this in turn led to the trade being controlled by dedicated “professional” criminals.Sound like Prohibition? Sound like Mexican drug cartels? When will government leaders learn? And where is the U.N.? Clearly, there are not enough police agents to locate every poacher and intercept them all in time to save the elephants. It’s dangerous work, for one thing, and rampant corruption gives the poachers a pass. MacMillan believes that controlled access to mammoths will save more elephants and also stimulate research on the great extinct beasts of the ice age.Bold moves are old moves, he argues: what’s needed is a return to time-honored market economics. Regulated trade, ranching, and and wildlife farming are alternatives that will drive down demand for illegal hunting and “certainly cause prices to fall and pressure on wild populations to reduce.”Obviously you cannot farm extinct animals. But even with non-renewable resources, like coal and oil, if the supply is high, the price falls. Basic economics shows that when the supply dwindles, the price rises, driving demand for alternatives.MacMillan leaves the origin of the mammoths hanging. That subject is taken up by Science Daily, “Mammoth remains, as far as the eye can see: Widest distribution of mammoths during the last Ice Age.”Ice Age paleontologist Prof. Dr. Ralf-Dietrich Kahlke of the Senckenberg Research Station for Quaternary Paleontology in Weimar recorded the maximum geographic distribution of the woolly mammoth during the last Ice Age and published the most accurate global map in this regard. The ice-age pachyderms populated a total area of 33,301,000 square kilometers and may thus be called the most successful large mammals of this era. The study, recently published online in the scientific journal Quaternary International, determined that the distribution was limited by a number of climate-driven as well as climate-independent factors.While Dr. Kahlke’s map is commendable, it doesn’t account for the death of millions of these large mammals in a short time. It also doesn’t mention the bizarre circumstances of their demise, such as dying in a standing position with broken legs and food still in their mouths. Creationists have looked to the frozen mammoth evidence to support various theories of the Flood and post-Flood ice age. Those interested can compare the models of Dr. Walt Brown and Michael Oard, two who have given the matter the most detailed attention but arrived at very different scenarios. Regardless of one’s favored model, the fact that millions of these huge mammals exist in permafrost across the Arctic, some with hair, blood and soft tissue intact, should astonish anyone who reads about it.The one theory that doesn’t make any sense is that mammoths just peacefully lived and died over millions of years, lying down and getting covered in permafrost. Or, that they died from global warming (Live Science). Right. Standing up, with food in their mouths, global warming knocked them flat and broke their bones.  The evidence of millions of frozen mammoths challenges uniformitarianism. Something dramatic happened that never happened before or since.How to save elephants? Let entrepreneurs raise them for profit. They will have a vested interest in protecting them and conserving them. It’s like Christmas tree farming; it drove down the price, and thereby the demand for individuals to cut down trees in the forest indiscriminately. The tree farmer’s livelihood depends on sustainability and customer satisfaction. MacMillan talks about how alligators were spared from poaching when entrepreneurs were allowed to raise them for sale. It can work for elephants. Let entrepreneurs recover mammoth tusks, but not indiscriminately; give them an affordable license, like they do for fishermen, or let them own a piece of land containing mammoths, like people who own ranches containing dinosaur bones; they can use the land to make money, and sell tusks they find on the property for extra money. Scientists should have to pay a fair market price.The “Tragedy of the Commons” occurs when nobody takes responsibility for a resource. Private property, by contrast, turns human greed into a force for good. To stay in business, the property owner or businessman has to please the customer. An elephant rancher would have a vested interest in growing the finest animals with the best tusks, just like cattle ranchers. Another marketable approach is to grow elephants for wildlife safaris, or to sell to zoos. Another alternative is for biomimetics researchers to discover a way to grow synthetic ivory that is indistinguishable from elephant or mammoth ivory. The expansion of constitutional republican government, with the rule of law for all, punishing corruption, is also essential for this to work.Another tragedy is occurring right now with Monarch butterflies. Illegal deforestation of the Monarch’s mountainous habitat in Mexico has more than tripled, PhysOrg reports. Again, the government thinks that banning deforestation is the answer. It isn’t. It’s the tragedy of the commons again. In a sense, you can’t blame desperately poor people who just want to support their families. The incentives must be changed, by offering them private property they can call their own and protect from trespassers. It will incentivize them to take care of it. They will be motivated to stop the poachers. A stable government with rule of law is required so that they can get justice when their rights are violated.Another alternative is to allow limited private ownership of butterfly habitats if they profit from the success of the butterflies. Market economics understands human nature. It harnesses the self-interest of people for good. Imposing it by force often fails. People need to eat; they will grab what they can get unless they find a better way. Why make it so difficult for them to make a living honestly?The principles are time-proven, even if this explanation is simplified. One thing is clear: banning the trade of ivory is not working. It is hastening the extinction of these magnificent large mammals most people love and respect. Needless to say, raising children with a worldview that values nature and honors altruism goes a long way toward preventing the worst of human nature, as seen in the present crisis. Poaching, corruption, and terrorism are unlikely to be fruits of a mission church filled with children singing “How Great Thou Art.”last_img read more

PPC, IDC enter Ethiopian cement market

first_img26 July 2012 South Africa’s Pretoria Portland Cement (PPC) and the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) have teamed up to acquire a 47% equity stake in Ethiopia’s Habesha Cement Share Company (HCSCo), and will help build a US$130-million cement plant in the east African country. PPC announced on Wednesday that it was investing $12-million in cash to secure 27% equity in HCSCo – the company’s first foray into the east African cement market. The IDC will invest $9-million for a 20% equity stake in HCSCo. “We are on record that our strategy is to grow our revenue earned outside of South Africa to 40-50% during the next few years and that we have been working on various opportunities on the African continent,” PPC CEO Paul Stuiver said in a statement. “This is one of those opportunities, and we look forward to a growing contribution and partnership with Habesha in the years ahead.” PPC said HCSCo was a “first of its kind cement share company in Ethiopia, with more than 16 000 local shareholders”.State-of-the-art cement plant The first phase of HCSCo’s plan is a $130-million, state-of-the-art cement plant with an annual capacity of 1.4-million tons to supply the growing Ethiopian cement market. The plant will be financed from the equity investments of local shareholders, PPC and the IDC, as well as $86-million in debt financing that HCSCo has secured from the Development Bank of Ethiopia. According to PPC, the HCSCo plant, which is currently in the early stages of construction, is located 35km north-west of Addis Ababa. Cement production is planned to commence during the first half of 2014, and future development plans includes an option to double the plant’s capacity to 2.8-million tons per annum. During the initial construction phases, PPC will assist HCSCo by providing operational and technical expertise and by training plant personnel at its operations and in the PPC Academy in South Africa.One of Africa’s fastest-growing economies With a population of about 85-million, Ethiopia is one of Africa’s most populous countries, as well as one of its fastest-growing economies. Infrastructure development is high on the country’s agenda, and the government has embarked on a significant housing reform programme. “During my visits to Ethiopia I have been impressed with the professionalism of Habesha management and their advisers,” Stuiver said. “They have significant experience in the cement industry, and we have already built great relationships. “The country’s current investment plans, combined with one of the fastest growing cement demands in Africa, makes us extremely confident about the sustainability and growth of this investment.” PPC is the leading supplier of cement in southern Africa, with eight cement manufacturing facilities and three milling depots in South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe with total capacity of eight million tons cement annually. PPC also produces aggregates, metallurgical-grade lime, burnt dolomite and limestone, and exports cement and lime to various African countries. SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

Geocaching souvenirs, badges, and trackable icons

first_imgIcons — trackables you move or discoverIcons on a profileIcons are associated with trackable items.Generic icons display for most trackable items.Promotional icons are created in collaboration with other companies or organizations such as Magic: The Gathering, Michelin, or Jeep®.Customized icons are created when individuals or organizations order large/bulk quantities of icons.IconsWhatever your geocaching style, earning and displaying souvenirs, badges, and icons adds an additional layer of fun and motivation for geocaches. How do you show off your geo-accomplishments? Share with your Friends:More Let’s break it down.Souvenirs — where or when you cacheGeocaching souvenirs on a profileSouvenirs are similar to stickers on a suitcase when traveling around the world. They’re generally awarded for caching in a particular location or on a particular date.Location: If you find a geocache or attend an event in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, you will receive the Alberta province and Canada country souvenir.Alberta province souvenir and Canada souvenirDate: If you log a geocache or attend an event on a special day, such as International Geocaching Day, you will receive the International Geocaching Day souvenir.International Geocaching Day 2017 souvenirSome souvenirs are awarded for logging a particular cache type during a specific time period. For example, you may earn a souvenir for attending or hosting a Geocaching International Film Festival event during GIFF week. However, if you log a Mystery Cache during that time, you will increase your find count, but you will not earn a GIFF souvenir.Geocaching International Film Festival 2017 souvenirBadges — what you accomplishGeocaching badges on a profileBadges are associated with statistics or completing specific tasks such as:Number of consecutive finds (365 in one year)Milestones (finding 500 geocaches)Number of caches owned (10 caches)Number of trackables moved/discoveredBadges are manually added to a geocacher’s profile page with HTML code provided by third-party sites such as Project-GC.com or BadgeGen.com. Occasionally, badges are awarded by Geocaching.com, such as the case of the Haunted Hides badge.Here are examples of badges from BadgeGen:Geocaching badge from BadgeGen Souvenirs, badges, and iconsDo you know the difference between geocaching souvenirs, badges, and icons? They’re all virtual pieces of art for geocachers to earn, collect, and show off. However, each serves a different purpose in different parts of your Geocaching profile.Souvenirs — where or when you cacheBadges — what you accomplishIcons — trackables you move or discover SharePrint RelatedFAQs: The lost treasure of Mary HydeJuly 10, 2017In “Learn”You might be a geocacher if…August 28, 2018In “News”You might be a Trackable Lover if…November 27, 2018In “News”last_img read more

Skype Opens Platform with SkypeKit SDK for Developers and Manufacturers

first_imgTags:#Messaging Services#web 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market chris cameron Related Posts A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting For many years, unified chat clients like Digsby or Adium have provided users with a single app with which to manage several chat protocols at once. Whether your friends are on AIM, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, or Facebook Chat, chances are there’s an app that will aggregate your various buddy lists into one tidy window. Skype, however, has remained on its own outside of these clients, but thanks to the forthcoming SkypeKit SDK, the popular voice and video chat app will soon be integrated into other applications.This morning, Skype announced a beta program for use of its brand new SkypeKit SDK which will allow developers and manufacturers to incorporate Skype into both desktop applications and consumer electronics devices. The SDK will be initially invite only, launching on Linux for devices tomorrow, and on Mac and Windows for desktop apps in a few weeks.“Think of SkypeKit as a ‘headless’ version of Skype – that is, a Skype client with no user interface that runs invisibly, not only on PCs, but also TVs, notebooks, and other connected devices.”– SkypePreviously, Skype’s API allowed accessories like headsets and webcams to communicate better with Skype, but those applications required Skype to run in the background. With this new SDK, apps can be built that run independently of Skype, much like the popular multi-platform chat clients available today.“Think of SkypeKit as a ‘headless’ version of Skype – that is, a Skype client with no user interface that runs invisibly, not only on PCs, but also TVs, notebooks, and other connected devices,” the company said in a blog Tuesday morning. “Developers communicate with SkypeKit through the SkypeKit API, surfacing Skype calls through their own applications.”What About Mobile? What About the Web? The new SDK is only open for desktop app development and for integration by consumer hardware manufacturers. Skype says they are aware of demand for an SDK for Web developers, but has “nothing to announce at this time.” As far as mobile goes, smartphone users can already download official Skype apps, but mobile chat clients may be left out of the development fun until the SDK is expanded.It seems likely that Skype will make its SDK available on Web and mobile platforms eventually, since the company’s idea is “that every connected device can become a communications device, with the addition of SkypeKit.” For now, desktop developers and hardware manufacturers have the chance to create some interesting Skype integrations with the new SDK. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…last_img read more

Inclusion of players of Asian origin brings sweeping change in English cricket

first_imgUsman AfzaalThe England cricket team’s tour of India is a tour of several firsts, not only because this is the first England tour to India in eight years but also because it is the first time England is travelling with three players for whom India is foreign yet somehow familiar.Captain,Usman AfzaalThe England cricket team’s tour of India is a tour of several firsts, not only because this is the first England tour to India in eight years but also because it is the first time England is travelling with three players for whom India is foreign yet somehow familiar.Captain Nasser Hussain and batsmen Mark Ramprakash and Usman Afzaal found themselves in the news when a row erupted over whether the tour should go on or not. All three are of Asian origin: Hussain was born in Chennai in 1968, Ramprakash’s father hails from’ Guyana in the West Indies, but the surname is a give away to his origins, and Afzaal is the most-recently arrived: born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, he moved to England at the age of five.When the question of whether England should tour India or not came up, these three became the object of all the attention. When they come to India, they will receive more of it than their peers because of their names, their histories and their public statements on the tour.Hussain, captain of the English team, was in the tightest of spots, having to counsel but not pressurise his teammates on what he sees as a landmark tour. He wrote in his newspaper column, “I am the England captain, it is the greatest honour and not something you pick and choose whether you take up or not. It is also the greatest ambition of my father, Joe, to watch me play and captain England in a Test match in the country of his birth. And third, and most important to me, India is the soul of world cricket.”This will not be Hussain or Ramprakash’s first trip to India, both men having toured separately – Hussain for a one-day tournament in 1989-90, and Ramprakash with the England-A team in 1994-95. Afzaal, 23, is a first-timer on tour for the senior England team, but the presence of the three together is being perceived as a shift in the kind of teams the Old Country will put out in the future.advertisementEngland has witnessed a rise in Asian players in county cricket as well as in its national team. Andrew Walpole, spokesperson of the England and Wales Cricket Board, says that the presence of many players of Asian origin in domestic cricket is “a testament of changing times. In the past couple of years, Essex has seen a major rise in the number of Asian youngsters in the under-15 groups. Under-16 players Nadeem Malik and Bilal Sahayal from Nottinghamshire are success stories.” Hussain is from Essex too where his father Joe (Jawad) Hussain runs the Ilford Cricket School.Nasser HussainHussain’s ascent to the England captaincy has been a watershed event in English cricket and Hussain Sr told INDIA TODAY, “It’s been huge.Of 50 kids who come to my school, 40 will be from an Asian background. It’s like cricket is in their blood.” In the past two seasons, players like Vikram Solanki and Owais Shah have been called up to play for England and the number, believes Hussain Sr, is going to increase. “The kids are so keen. An England team with one-third Asian boys is bound to take the field one day.” It is his son who has shown how it can be done: Hussain has led England teams right from his juniors, moving on to England-A (the second string developmental teams that tour every year) before turning into an aggressive England captain with four straight Test series victories, under his belt including on tour in Pakistan and Sri Lanka.New man Afzaal is naturally resolute, “If you are good enough and put in hard work you can break into the English team.” Already tagged the “only practising Muslim” on the England team, Afzaal is a left-hand bat and part-time left-arm spinner from Nottinghamshire, who made his debut in the Ashes series this summer.The only Nottinghamshire batsman to score 1,000 runs in the county summer last season, Afzaal averaged 44.26, and was a member of the England “A” tour to the West Indies before he made his debut for his adopted country, to whom he says he is “wholly committed”.Afzaal says he had little apprehensions about touring India and appears bursting with enthusiasm at the prospect. “I am looking forward to playing in India. The subcontinent has world class players. Sourav Ganguly is fantastic, Rahul Dravid is brilliant. It will be a challenge.The wickets will turn,” he says. He adds that he hopes to “entertain” something which few English cricket teams of the recent past can lay claim to. One writer summarised the contemporary image of English cricket on India, “The general feeling in the world’s most cricket-mad country is that the West Indies comes to party and play, the Australians extend the hand of friendship with visits to local schools and charities, and the other cricket-playing countries just get on with the job. advertisementMark RamprakashThe English, however, are aloof, arrogant and do nothing but complain when it comes to touring India.” When the England team lands in India this time, it will be difficult for them to shake off the impression that they are constantly looking over their shoulder. Hussain’s clear understanding of the situation may help: “One thing I would like to make clear is that the problems were to do with the world situation, not questioning India as a tour venue.”Ramprakash was among the first few on the current team to try and shrug off the security fears on the tour of India. His wife Vandana is expecting their second child, (they have a four-year-old daughter) but the Surrey batsman earned plenty of points for his common sense when he said his wife and he felt “being in London and England presents much more of a risk than being in India.There’s probably more danger going to Heathrow or in using the tube than in visiting Bangalore and Mumbai.” It is now obvious Ramprakash and Afzaal will not be reluctant tourists. Ramprakash, going on to 32 now, is still looking to cement his place in the England middle order. Afzaal, just starting out, knows that the best place to make an impression in this new England team is on tour, where the best of records and reputations can come horribly unstuck. Hussain has wisely stayed away from discussing his “Asian origin” or sense of ethnic identity. In India, he will be surrounded by it at a personal and a public level.”Nasser has had no conflict ever about who he is,” says Hussain Sr. “He is very proud to play for England and is proud to be from India.” Known as a hard-nosed and pragmatic individual as much as a batsman, Hussain will not be swept away. The cricket will be as tough as usual. But he will perhaps know a few fleeting moments on this tour which will blur the difference between going away and coming home.with Sharda Ugralast_img read more

Sachin Tendulkar or Virat Kohli? Who kits up faster?

first_imgIndia cricket captain Virat Kohli on Saturday responded to Sachin Tendulkar’s fitness kit-up challenge.The Delhi cricketer posted a video on Twitter where he could be seen “kitting up to play” the sport he loves – cricket.His tweet read: “@sachin_rt paaji, thanks for nominating me for the Fitness kit-up Challenge, I’m kitting up to play the sport I love. I nominate @parthiv9 to kit up and share videos of the [email protected]_rt paaji, thanks for nominating me for the Fitness kit-up Challenge, I’m kitting up to play the sport I love. I nominate @parthiv9 to kit up and share videos of the same.#ComeOutAndPlay#KitUpChallenge#SportPlayingIndia#HumFitTohIndiaFit pic.twitter.com/hpHswbckGfVirat Kohli (@imVkohli) June 30, 2018Along with taking up the challenge, Kohli also nominated Parthiv Patel to take up the challenge.Badminton sensation PV Sindhu, who was also nominated for thee challenge by the Master Blaster responded with a video of her playing badminton on Twitter.Id like to thank @sachin_rt sir for nominating me for the Fitness kit-up Challenge, I’m kitting up to play the sport I love. I nominate @MangteC @Suriya_offl @WrestlerSushil to kit up and share videos of the same.#KitUpChallenge#SportPlayingIndia #HumFitTohIndiaFit pic.twitter.com/r6XvkxOPwJPvsindhu (@Pvsindhu1) June 29, 2018She further nominated Mary Kom, Sushil Kumar and actor Suriya Sivakumar.After the Union Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore’s ‘Hum Fit Toh India Fit’ challenges, Tendulkar came up with the ‘kit-up challenge on Thursday.The legendary cricketer urged people to play the sport they love to stay fit. He also posted a video of himself getting ready to play cricket.advertisementI’m kitting up to go play the sport I love. Share a video of you playing the sport you love.I nominate, @SandeshJhingan, @imsardarsingh8, @imVkohli, @M_Raj03, @srikidambi, @Pvsindhu1, @yesmrinmoy & @[email protected] #HumFitTohIndiaFit #KitUpChallenge #SportPLAYINGIndia pic.twitter.com/ZySVUBQq5eSachin Tendulkar (@sachin_rt) June 28, 2018Apart from Kohli and Sindhu, Tendulkar also nominated Mithali Raj, Vijender Singh, Sardar Singh and stalwart Kidambi Srikanth for the challenge.Kohli was earlier nominated for the fitness challenge by Rathore. Kohli responded by posting a video of him exercising and further nominated Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the same. PM Modi then posted a video of him practicing Yoga, earlier this month.last_img read more

Mou: I’m not going to cry about Pogba

first_imgManchester United ‘I’m not going to cry about Pogba’ – Mourinho backs Manchester United to survive without injured star Ronan Murphy Last updated 2 years ago 22:19 22/9/2017 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(1) Paul Pogba Manchester United 2017 Getty Images Manchester United Paul Pogba Southampton v Manchester United Southampton Premier League José Mourinho The 24-year-old remains an injury absentee for the Red Devils ahead of their trip to Southampton, but the Red Devils boss is not overly concerned Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has admitted that he does not know when Paul Pogba will return, but will not “cry” about the midfielder’s absence.Pogba was forced off injured during United’s Champions League opener against Basel, and has been sidelined with a hamstring injury since September 12. The Red Devils have not put a timescale on the 24-year-old’s injury layoff, and Mourinho was once again reluctant to indicate when the club’s record signing would return.Lukaku 13/5 to score first v Southampton Article continues below Editors’ Picks ‘I’m getting better’ – Can Man Utd flop Fred save his Old Trafford career? Why Barcelona god Messi will never be worshipped in the same way in Argentina Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing “No idea,” Mourinho told reporters. “But again, it’s a great opportunity for other players to play and I trust them all.”So I’m not going to cry or count the days for Pogba to return. Until he’s back, I trust my players.”Paul Pogba Manchester UnitedUnited take on Southampton on Saturday, travelling to St Mary’s as they hope to continue their unbeaten start to the season. The Red Devils sit in second place on alphabetical order, behind local rivals Manchester City after winning four of their first five games.Ahead of the clash, Mourinho praised new Saints boss Mauricio Pellegrino, who he feels is an experienced replacement for Mauricio Pochettino, Ronald Koeman and Claude Puel.”That’s why he is there; experience as a player, experience as a coach and working with a coach who is as experienced as Rafa Benitez,” the 54-year-old said.”For sure, he prepared himself well for this challenge in Spain and Argentina. And Southampton, to be fair, I have played them a lot in my second spell in England; I played them and they had Mauricio [Pochettino], then Koeman and then Puel and now Pellegrino. I don’t see many changes [in style of play].”They’re stable in how they play, the quality of their players. It’s a good team to be a manager of, very good.”last_img read more

Guardiola expresses his admiration for Jose Mourinho

first_imgPep Guardiola oddly praised Jose Mourinho and expressed his admiration for the Portuguese manager, something that rarely happens.Something very strange is happening between Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho after ten years of rivalry, both managers are finally starting to give in and praise each other and they both understand that they are two of the best managers ever.Ahead of this Sunday’s crucial Manchester Derby between City and United, both coaches have been doing the rounds with the press and they both have stated some very interesting thoughts about their opponents.Jose Mourinho just said this week, that Manchester City’s current form and their season has been nearly perfect and we still hadn’t heard a proper response from Pep Guardiola.Well, the manager started his round of responses last Friday with the press conference he offered in the morning.At first, Pep was questioned about the press not talking about external topics that weren’t related to football when it came to Guardiola and Mourinho.Once the journalist mentioned this, everybody realized how true this was and how influential the game can be when it’s done properly.England has been known for this characteristic mostly, they rarely talk about topics that have nothing to do with football and any manager loves that.It’s all set for another high-profile battle between Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho tomorrow. Who will come out on top in the #ManchesterDerby? pic.twitter.com/t5cvSSPamy— SuperSport (@SuperSportTV) November 10, 2018As the question was being asked to Pep Guardiola, the Catalan manager’s expression kept changing to a more relaxed state and simply responded with a: “Thank you so much. Thank you,” said Pep via Goal.“At the end we are both good guys, more than you expect. It’s much better, believe me.”Right after that honest answer, Guardiola proceeded to praise the victory that Manchester United had at Juventus’ Stadium a few days ago in the Champions League.“No team wins in Turin in the last nine years, how strong Juventus are. They had a problem for 10 minutes after Cristiano’s goal but they were so stable with a lot of commitment, aggressive without the ball. A few weeks ago at Stamford Bridge [against Chelsea], one of the toughest places, they almost won,” he continued.“It’s always complicated. In our history of Manchester City it’s hard to beat United and they beat us more times but it’s a good rivalry and a good chance for three points.”norwich city, manchester city, premier leagueReport: City are stunned by Norwich George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Manchester City was stunned by Norwich City in todays Premier League clash.Much has been made in recent days of the potential impact of Aymeric…“We will try especially to have a good game. We’ll speak with the players about what we guess will happen and suggest what we should do to win the game.”“We have to play good, only one challenge in football is to play good, and have more chance to win. The top teams, you cannot imagine and think about it, play amazingly for 90 minutes and they don’t have chances.”#PL 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 I Guardiola – Mourinho, próximo asalto 💥 https://t.co/nCZKU4zPeU pic.twitter.com/yjA2Nx1MT0— Diario SPORT (@sport) November 10, 2018But the praise wasn’t over from Pep Guardiola, members of the media asked him about the level of admiration he has for Jose Mourinho.To those who don’t know, both managers actually shared time together as player and assistant manager at FC Barcelona during the Bobby Robson days and they actually became very good friends.The rivalry between them during the Spanish football may have gotten a little out of hand and distanced them a little, but neither of them forgot their roots.“Of course. I admire not just Jose, but all the managers — especially when they have tough problems,” he continued.“The situation in which Jose lives, I lived in for some period in the past myself. But I want to beat other managers, it is not necessary to be friends. When they suffer I know I will be in the same position sooner or later.”“We are both in a similar position in that the expectation on us is so high. “We either win or we fail, always. We have to win all the titles we play for.”“If you are stable and you know what you have to do, the success and the good games are always coming up. Always. Especially at the good clubs,” he concluded.Ronaldo humiliating an unrecognisable Guardiola and Mourinho pic.twitter.com/qcve2Cv6JS— Celebutante (@CeIebutante) November 10, 2018What do you think about the admiration that Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho feel for each other? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more