Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

first_imgWhen Lou Alcindar decided to change his name back in the 80’s, it did cause some heads to turn and tongues to wag.  His reason, of course, was because of his change in religion.  Can you imagine what kind of reaction this would bring about today?  According to one of our presidential candidates, he would be on a no-entry list to the United States.  Today people would say he was ready to join ISIS.In today’s political world, a large portion of the population has become very radical toward not only certain religious groups but also certain races.  Kareem may have had some radical overtones in his thought process, but it was more of a statement against the treatment of Afro-Americans in his time as a sports hero.Several other big name athletes changed their names as well, but most of us would be hard pressed to remember their real names.  Kareem, because of his sports prowess as a basketball player, is simply known by this name and the younger generation he was once Lou Alcindar. What a sensitive time we now live in.last_img read more