Docs warn of shortage in healthcare frontliners; Hospital devoted to COVID-19 cases pushed

first_img* WVS has the existing functionalfacilities. With the institution under the supervision and control of DOH,putting up additional equipment and manpower is expedited. * Philippine Society ofAnesthesiologists Iloilo Panay Chapter – Dr. Maria Soccoro Felisarta, president * Philippine Pediatric Society WesternVisayas Chapter – Dr. Joselito Caso, president * West Visayas State UniversityMedical Center (WVSUMC) can focus its resources on non -COVID-19 cases andshall absorbed patients from WVMC in case of a surge patients. They expounded their suggestion: * Philippine Society of GeneralSurgeons Panay Chapter – Dr. Carol Joy Quimpo, president “These are desperate times that callfor desperate solutions. We should all be helping each other by making the mostof what we have to mitigate the spread of this disease,” read part of thedoctors’ letter. * The number of healthcare personnelput at risk is kept to a low number, thus ensuring that there shall beavailable manpower from other health facilities, both public and private, toaugment should need arises. WVS is under the supervision of theDepartment of Health (DOH). They have a suggestion: designate ahospital solely dedicated to attending COVID-19 cases. * Philippine College of Surgeons PanayChapter – Dr. Roy Joseph Trinidad, president * WVS is relatively isolated inlocation, but geographically accessible. Defensor welcomed the doctors’suggestion and said he and Iloilo City’s Mayor Jerry Treñas, and  DOH Region 6 already identified WVS as designated hospital for PUIs in case WVMCcould not handle them anymore. ILOILO City – As local governmentunits across Region 6 scramble to contain the spread of the coronavirus disease2019 (COVID-19), various societies of doctors in Western Visayas warned of apossible shortage in healthcare frontliners. * Under the current DOH protocol, mildPUIs (patients under investigation) with stable co-morbidities may be admittedto level 1 hospitals, to which WVS belongs. ‘WECAN SOLVE THIS’ * Moderate to severe PUIs must bereferred to Level 2 and Level 3 hospitals which include WVMC, a tertiary level,400- bed capacity hospital and also under the jurisdiction of DOH. * Private hospitals can also allocatetheir service rooms to non-COVID-19 patients, if needed.center_img * Quarters be provided in the hospitalcompound for physicians who go on duty at the WVS They made several suggestions on howlocal government units should handle COVID-19 cases or suspected cases: In this city and Iloilo province, thedoctors identified the Western Visayas Sanitarium (WVS) in Santa Barbara townas possible COVID-19-dedicated health facility. * Admitting patients to this single,dedicated health facility significantly contributes to the containment ofcases, an imperative move to limit the continued spread. “The province and city of Iloilo, inthe exigency of service, may mobilize doctors to go on duty in the identifiedhospitals, and that private physicians are ready to answer the call for serviceshould the circumstances demand,” the doctors added. The letter was from the Iloilo MedicalSociety led by Dr. Jesus Eugenio Garin de Jesus and the Philippines MedicalAssociation. Having a hospital solely dedicated toCOVID-19 cases will ensure that infections are contained and constraints toresources are minimized, according to the doctors. It was also signed by the following: LOOK: Healthcare professionals ask the public to do their part in fighting the spread of the #coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) by staying at home. Photo courtesy of Western Visayas Medical Center “The shortage of frontliners can bereasonably foreseen and a scenario that cannot be avoided, if ever patients arenot confined to specified hospitals,” according to the doctors in a letter toGov. Arthur Defensor Jr. * Philippine College of PhysiciansWestern Visayas Chapter – Dr. Shella Mae Sonza, president * As a DOH-retained hospital, WVS canavail itself of the services of infectious disease specialists from the WesternVisayas Medical Center (WVMC). “We in the medical profession are willing to do our part. Together,as one, we can solve this health emergency and come out stronger,” according tothe doctors. * Philippine Obstetrics andGynecologic Society – Dr. Nora Gepulle, president * Private hospitals, although Level 2and Level 3 hospitals, have very limited rooms that can be allocated to theCOVID-19 patients, and the resources are better reserved for other criticalpatients. The provincial government, he said,has started addressing the needs of WVS to make it more equipped./PNlast_img read more