Panel passes constitutionalinterpretation amendment

first_imgPanel passes constitutionalinterpretation amendment April 15, 2006 Regular News Mark D. Killian Managing Editor A proposed constitutional amendment directing how the Florida Constitution should be interpreted has cleared another House committee.The State Administration Council voted 5-3 to move HJR 7143, whose sponsor, Rep David Simmons, R-Altamonte Springs, says is meant to correct a mistake in constitutional interpretation the Supreme Court made in Bush v. Holmes, (case no. SC04-2323) on school vouchers.In Holmes, the court said the constitutional provision requiring the legislature to provide a free, uniform, and high-quality system of public education precluded the state’s opportunity scholarship program, which uses public money to send children to private schools.In part, the court majority said its decision was based on expressio unius est exclusio alterius, or “the expression of one thing implies the exclusion of another.” But Simmons said the majority erred in that interpretation, and he agrees with the two dissenting justices who said the legislature had the authority to seek alternatives beyond public schools for educating the state’s children.Most state courts, he said, severely limit the use of the expressio unius doctrine and two prohibit it outright.The proposed amendment would create a new section (i) to Article X of the Florida Constitution, which would read: “In interpreting the extent of political power vested in the legislative branch by the people, the expression of one thing does not imply the exclusion of another, unless the limitation is absolutely necessary to carry out the purpose of the constitutional provision and without regard to the comprehensiveness of the constitutional provision.”“Irrespective of the way you feel on vouchers, this is an issue of the proper power and the authority of the legislature to deal with the issue that needs to be addressed by the people through their elected representatives and makes the statement that the expression expressio unius est exclusio alterius. . . does not apply to the constitutional interpretation in Florida, and that is all this does,” Simmons said.Rep. Mary Brandenburg, D-Palm Beach, said she understands there is a debate now about the appropriateness of the use of vouchers for private schools, but that this proposal is in response to the court’s holding that one voucher program was illegal.“Wouldn’t it be just clearer to everyone in Florida if what was on the ballot was something saying should we have vouchers, yes or no?” Brandenburg asked.Simmons said no and reiterated that his proposal has nothing to do with vouchers.“What we are talking about is the fundamental basis that the Florida Supreme Court used in dealing with the relative balance of powers of the legislature and the people through their elected representatives to deal with issues,” Simmons said. “If we are going to go ahead and say that every time the constitution says the legislature is supposed to do one thing and somehow impliedly clips the wings of the legislature to do all the other things the legislature is supposed to be doing, we have done a fundamental stripping of the power of the legislature to do the things that are necessary to respond to the multiple ills that we have facing us.”Rep. Wilbert Holloway, D-Miami Gardens, opposed the measure saying, “I don’t feel the legislature should be usurping the power of the court.”Rep. Ron Reagan, R-Sarasota, however, said it is the duty and responsibility of the legislature “to help guide and direct the state, and that includes the court system. I’m supporting this bill.”center_img Panel passes constitutional interpretation amendmentlast_img read more

First scheduled direct flights commence between Canada and Grenada

first_img Share Sharing is caring! Share 20 Views   no discussions Tweetcenter_img Share LifestyleTravel First scheduled direct flights commence between Canada and Grenada by: – December 16, 2011 Photo credit: tntisland.comST GEORGE’S, Grenada — The first regularly scheduled direct flights from Grenada to Canada were inaugurated on Thursday.“It’s another history making occasion for Grenada,” declared Tourism Minister Peter David as the Caribbean Airlines flight bound for Toronto got ready to depart.The flight originates in Port of Spain but, for people going between St George’s and Toronto, it will be a no-hassle direct connection, that is now on the permanent schedule.Charter airlines have seasonal schedules between the two cities, but the new deal hammered out by Grenada’s tourism officials allows for the fixed commercial schedule.The new service is twice weekly.The inaugural flight was sent off with much fanfare by a high level tourism delegation including David, new Grenada Board of Tourism Chairman Colin Dowe and officials of the airport authority and the Airlift Committee.The party was on hand to greet vice president of operations for Caribbean Airlines Captain Thomas Lawrence and his team, followed by a short ribbon cutting ceremony.David, speaking after the cutting of the ribbon, said the importance of regular access to the Canadian market could not be over-emphasized.“For us it’s a wonderful day and a good boost to our tourism industry, and anything that is good for tourism is good for Grenada,” he said.“Getting into the Canadian market directly is a hopeful sign and wonderful Christmas gift for Grenadians in the Diaspora as well as prospective Canadian visitors,” David added.Passengers boarded the historic flight amidst cheers following the cutting of the ribbon by David Director of the Grenada Board of Tourism Simon Steill admitted that increased marketing of the island in Canada will have to be given priority.“It is our intention to work with Caribbean Airlines to put a strong marketing campaign package for the year ahead,” he disclosed.“We now have two weekly scheduled flights in addition to other seasonal flights, so we have a lot of work to do to ensure we keep the passenger traffic at its peak,” Steill added.Captain Lawrence of Caribbean Airlines said it’s a landmark occasion for Caribbean Airlines.“We have other services to Grenada but the addition of any new route is an exciting moment and it is our intention to connect Grenada directly with other international markets,” he said.The inauguration comes only weeks after the Ministry of Tourism unveiled a new national tourism master plan to push the industry forward in the next two years, and is the start of a new push for increased regional and international connections out of Grenada.Caribbean News Nowlast_img read more