Long Island Gray Thursday & Black Friday Thanksgiving Deals & Sales

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York It’s that time of year once again, Long Island! When all of your favorite shops and department stores slash prices on everything from clothing and cutlery to electronics and house wares just in time for the coming holiday season!Known as Black Friday, infamous for its amazing deals and early store hours, this special sales celebration now extends into Thanksgiving, too (!!), and has been dubbed Gray Thursday!What does this mean for all you sale-hungry consumers? It means more time to shop! It means more chances to spend! It means more time to pay homage to our corporate overlords! It means more time to snag that uber-special gift for yourself or a loved one! It means heaps upon heaps of delicious, mouthwatering, home-cooked bird with all the trimmings, some great conversation between family members, and then, after one round of dessert (or before it), a second round in the form of spectacular deals and absolutely ahhh-mazing prices!!Here are just some of the many, many sites offering once-in-a-lifetime savings and deals, along with some of the many Long Island stores throwing open their doors and ushering in this corporate overlord spectacular (!!):Kohl’s The mega-department giant Kohl’s will be opening at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day! So right after you scarf back some of that steaming stuffing, mashed potatoes and bird, hop on over and rummage through sale after sale after glorious sale on everything from jewelry, clothing and kitchenware to HD television sets, gaming consoles, cameras and coffeemakers—all priced to go! There are more than 500 deals to be had at “The Absolute Hottest Price Meltdown!” with up to 75 percent—yes, that’s right, 75 percent (!!)—off select items, in-store only!Click Here For Some Of Kohl’s Amazing Black Friday Deals!Macy’s Macy’s Black Friday and Gray Thursday mega-deals exist online and in-store, with “Black Friday” specials beginning Thursday and running through Saturday! Discounts will include men and women’s apparel, dining and handbags, beauty and kitchen savings, jewelry and so much more!They’ve even got an entire Holiday Gift Guide!Click Here To Check Out Many Of Their Black Friday Deals!JCPenny JCPenny will be opening at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving! Don’t want to worry about navigating all those early-morning and all-day crowds? No worries! JCPenny has also made its meg-deals available online!Click Here To Check Out Many Of JCPenny’s Black Friday and Gray Thursday Uber-Deals!And of course, don’t forget about Cyber Monday, when Santa and all his elves and reindeer move online!Check Out All JCPenny’s Cyber Monday Deals Here!Tanger OutletsWhen Long Islanders think “savings” many immediately think “The Outlets.” With locations in Deer Park and Riverhead, Tanger is going all out this year with a mega-“Moonlight Madness & After Thanksgiving Sale” kicking off at 6 p.m. Thanksgiving Night and beginning again bright and early at 6 a.m. on Black Friday, with the savings continuing through the whole weekend!Check Out Tanger Outlets’ Moonlight Madness, After Thanksgiving Black Friday and Weekend Savings Deals HERE!Walmart The retail goliath is boasting “10 Days Of Savings” in celebration of Black Friday and Gray Thursday, offering super deals on countless items beginning Gray Thursday, Through Black Friday and Weekend Event and Cyber Monday! The prices will be slashed in-store as well as online, with specials galore whether you brave those colder temperatures and fellow shoppers or decide to simply sit back with your friends and relatives over a hearty drumstick and shop, shop, shop from your iPad!Click Here To Check Out All Of Walmart’s Black Friday and Gray Thursday Mega-Deals!Best Buy Searching for a new flat-screen plasma TV, gaming system, iPod, iPad, computer, camera, video camera or countless other electronics devices, movies, CDs and games? Best Buy has got you covered this Gray Thursday and Black Friday all right, offering savings, savings, savings and deals you may have to stuff some of that homemade stuffing in your pocket and munch on it once you hit the aisles to take advantage of!The electronics supergiant’s doors open at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving, re-open at 8 a.m. on Black Friday and close at 1 a.m. Saturday morning! Ohhh yeahhh!! Wowzler, uber-mondo gecko!!Click Here To Check Out Besy Buy’s “Black Friday DoorBusters”!Micro Center Though closed on Thanksgiving Day, colossal computer and electronics superstore Micro Center is slashing back prices on everything from laptops, desktops and external hard drives to iPads, tablets, cameras, memory cards, video games and countless other computer-related accessories and equipment, both online and in-store as part of the Black Friday sales celebration!Check Out Micro Center’s Black Friday Mega-Deals Here!Target Ever-exotic megastore Target (“Hey, it’s French!) will be offering Gray Thursday and Black Friday deals on everything from TVs, video games and electronics to toys, kitchenware and women’s clothing, clearing it all out! Target is touting “100s of doorbusters” and “1,000s of deals”!Click Here To Check Out Target’s Black Friday Deals!Check Out All The Amazing Black Friday Mega-Deals At Target In Levittown Here!Old Navy Old Navy opens with super-savings and deals at 4 p.m. on Thanksgiving! That means you can even maybe get some shopping in even before family dinner, toss back some bird, then head right back out! The clothing superstore will stay open pretty much from that time till midnight on Black Friday, then re-open again at 7 a.m. Saturday! That day’s shopping spans until 11 p.m. that night!Check Out Old Navy’s Black Friday Mega-Deals Here!Kmart Kmart offers shoppers the opportunity to skip Thanksgiving altogether, opening at 6 a.m. and staying open straight on through till midnight on Black Friday! So, you can either shop, shop, shop and just brown bag some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or a salami and chee bagel or hit the store just as the sun comes up and take a turkey gobble-gobble break around din-din time, then hit it again!Click Here To Check Out All Kmart’s Amazing Gray Thursday & Black Friday Super Sales Deals!Want even more of the best deals? Of course you do! So head on over to the mall!Westfield Sunrise Mall Westfield Sunrise Mall in Massapequa will be open at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving, so eat that meal quick so you can head right on out and hit as many of the stores under its one roof as you possibly can! It reopens at 6 a.m. Black Friday, closes at 10 p.m., then reopens again on Savings Saturday at 8 a.m. till 10 p.m. So will its sister mall, Westfield South Shore mall in Bay Shore. http://www.westfield.com/southshore/So shop, shop shop, shop, shop!Roosevelt Field MallThe shopping citadel where Charles Lindbergh departed from on his historic trip across the Atlantic Ocean will stay open even later than Sunrise Mall, opening on Thanksgiving at 6 p.m. till 1 a.m.!! Then, you might as well just take a lil nappler in your car in the parking lot because it reopens at 6 a.m. on Black Friday! Shop shop shop till 10 p.m., take another lil breakler, and return with all your friends and family on Savings Saturday at 8 a.m. for deals, deals, deals till 10 p.m.!!Can you say happy happy happy camper!? We sure can! Double, triple, quadruple wowzler!!Sam Ash & Guitar CenterFor all you diehard Zack Tirana fans out there who’d like to pick up something for the gonzo music critic, Sam Ash and Guitar Center will also be slashing back prices and offering deals throughout the Gray Thursday and Black Friday celebration—two spots you might want to consider visiting instead of slurping back candied yams and slippery cranberry slivers. (He’s made no secret around Press headquarters that he’s on the hunt for a Boss Flanger pedal, a nice Martin acoustic, JagStang, Les Paul Junior and home recording system this year.)Check Out Guitar Center’s Mega-Insane Black Friday Deals Here!Check Out Sam Ash’s Insane Mega-Black Friday Deals Here!last_img read more

Study links depression with military ties

first_imgFollow Anshuman on Twitter @AnshuSiripurapu A new study conducted by researchers at the School of Social Work and published in the Journal of Adolescent Health found that adolescents with either a sibling or parent in the military are more likely to report being suicidal or depressed when compared with their peers.Families have been affected by more and more tours of duty since the country has been at war for more than a decade.“These are kind of an invisible minority group. Most people in the civilian public kind of pretend we’re not at war, but we’re close to 12 years at war, and many of these kids have experienced parental deployment, war zones, PTSD,” said Ron Avi Astor, a professor of social work and education, and one of the principal architects of the study.The study was made possible by a large grant from the Department of Defense to provide services and to evaluate what the best practices are in public schools that have students with family members in the military. Astor said there are approximately 1.3 million children in public schools affected and, since 9/11, about 5 million children who have been affected by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.Though numerous studies have been conducted about the effects of war, few have focused on its impact on adolescents.“The reason we chose to look at kids with parents or siblings in the military is because we’ve had a decade of war and we have a lot of information now about the individual deployed and sometimes their partner or spouse but very little information how it impacts adolescent health,” said Julie Cederbaum, assistant professor of social work and lead author of the study.The researchers collected data in conjunction with the California Healthy Kids Survey, a survey that is administered biannually to all public schools students in fifth, seventh, ninth and 11th grades in public schools receiving Title IV funding. A military supplement was included as part of the survey for eight school districts in California, and both military and non-military students took both parts of the survey.Almost 25 percent of ninth and 11th-grade students with a military parent and more than 26 percent of students with a military sibling said they had thought about ending their lives, compared with 19.1 percent of non-military students, according to a press release.“These results are very powerful because they show that, first of all, non-military kids are having problems too, there are lot of suicidal teenagers across California,” Astor said.Cederbaum said she was surprised to learn that each additional tour of duty further impacted mental health.“Some of these families have had four deployments, five deployments, six deployments,” Astor said. “We’ve never had wars like that in our history where one family has had to sacrifice so much.”One policy change that has already been implemented as a result of the study is that schools are beginning to identify military adolescents within their communities.Starting in the 2012-2013 school year, students taking the survey will be able to check a box that will identify them as connected to the military.Cederbaum said such data will allow schools and health professionals to better target their resources and support. Astor, however, added that it’s important to avoid attaching a stigma to these students and targeting them individually, but rather to use the data to highlight the importance of the issue to parents and educators.“If you’re a [teacher] in a high school classroom and you know that 27 percent of the kids in your class are from military families have thought about committing suicide and have a plan, then it’s not an abstract number from a study in Iowa. These are kids right in front of you,” Astor said. “What meaning does that math test have then?”Both Cederbaum and Astor spoke about the importance of teaching parents, educators and peers about military culture as well as mental health issues and how to deal with adolescents who are depressed or suicidal.“It’s about providing a climate and an atmosphere where people know what the resources where friends and families know what to do, where parents and educators know how to handle it when large numbers of kids are saying they don’t want to live anymore,” Astor said.Cederbaum said more schools can implement things such as “transition rooms,” resource centers that are particularly beneficial for military students who often have to move frequently between schools.Astor also stressed the importance of having counselors and social work experts in schools addressing the issues of depression and suicide so kids don’t “fall through the cracks.” He said the focus should be on educating peers, parents and teachers about the resources available, not about screening or identifying.“The percentages don’t seem to be changing. They’re crying out and it’s pretty cynical as a society to ask these kinds of questions [about suicide] in detail in the classroom, and then not provide the resources or help to educate the peers, the parents and the community about what to do about it,” he said.last_img read more