Windows Phone 75 features new Bing integration native Windows Live Messenger support

first_imgOnly fairly recently has Microsoft actually confirmed that the Mango update for Windows Phone will indeed be branded as Windows Phone 7.5, and now some additional consumer-facing changes in the update have been revealed to the Windows Phone Dev Podcast.In addition to features we already knew about like card-style multitasking and the arrival of Internet Explorer 9 Mobile, WP 7.5 will also include much deeper (and more powerful) Bing integration. The updated OS will offer Bing-powered visual and audio search – just snap a picture or put your device next to a speaker and Bing will return results just as it would if you keyed in a query. The audio search functions very much like existing apps such as Shazam or Soundhound, and Bing’s visual search will allow users to scan barcodes, QR codes, and Microsoft Tags without the need for a third-party app. Turn-by-turn directions are also due to arrive, thanks to the navigational goodness of Bing Maps.AdChoices广告One of Windows Phone 7’s biggest omissions is also being officially addressed with the debut of Windows Live Messenger. WLM will offer plenty of slick functionality, including People Hub integration. When you choose to message a buddy, the app will automatically send an IM instead of SMS if he or she is currently signed into Windows Live. It’s expected that a toggle will be offered for this particular feature, since some users won’t want to nibble away at their data allowance when unlimited text messaging is part of their cellular contract. One other handy messaging feature is coming in WP 7.5 – you’ll be able to dictate SMS messages to your device for hands-free responses to your inbound texts.There may yet be more goodies in store in Windows Phone 7.5, and we’ll likely know about them very soon. The new SDK will be rolling out to developers in the very near future – I just hope the update gets pushed to end users in a much less frustration-packed fashion than previous Windows Phone patches.More at LiveSide and Windows Phone Dev Podcastlast_img read more