Polanski with a twist

first_imgOliver Twist. Cinema has already been there, done that. Many times, in fact. You’ve probably already got the t-shirt. Yet the last cinematic attempt was in 1968, so perhaps we cannot blame Polanski for wanting to attempt a remake of one of Dickens’ best-loved novels.For a film director attempting a modern remake of a classic, ambition and bravery are prerequisites to the task, working in fear of negative comparisons to the masterpieces that have already gone before. The last time we heard of Polanski, he was winning awards for The Pianist (2002), a story of suffering, pain, but above all survival. It is clear why Oliver Twist, concentrating on the hardships and misadventures of a young orphaned boy who finds himself a misfit in society, was an obvious next choice. Charles Dickens was a champion of the underdog. So, it seems, is Polanski.His aim is not to achieve realism with this adaptation; quite the opposite, which he attains from the surprising amounts of humour. Polanski has discovered the seemingly comfortable juxtaposition of the gritty truth with unexpected hilarity within the novel, and conveys this with style to the screen. As part of the gritty truth, one shot shows a streetwise, fearless, swaggering Artful Dodger strolling alongside a bewildered Oliver. For the unexpected hilarity, the next time we see them out on the filthy streets of a polluted London together, they both share the same savvy expression. Before you know it a smile – albeit small – has crept across your face, as you recognise the swift, if not entirely seamless, transition from workhouse boy to pickpocket in the making.The film works primarily through its desire to elicit the latent humour, often forgotten, from the larger-than-life characters, with the emphasis on their amusing eccentricities. Polanski seems keen for his audience to realise that besides being a great social realist, Dickens was also an enchanting entertainer.The movie is also oddly unemotional, except for a remarkable closing scene of forgiveness and reconciliation between Oliver and the iconic, if ambiguous, figure of Fagin. The Fagin that the audience is introduced to is the Fagin that Oliver knows, loves, and hates; one moment playing the elderly joker, the next looming over him, wildly brandishing a knife and holding it dangerously close to the boy’s throat. Sir Ben Kingsley creates a personality which is devious and corrupting, but heartbreakingly likeable, immersing the ending of the film in torrents of pathos.In Polanski’s world, everything is simple. The good guys are good, and the bad guys are bad. Shit happens, but that’s just the way it is. Some may think this approach too simple, too clean-cut. The result, however, is not one-dimensional, but a chance for children to enjoy the classic novel. As Polanski says himself, his film is “above all a tale for a young audience”.That is not to say that Oliver Twist has no appeal for an older crowd. The film transports us back to Victorian England, a time period instantly captivating both in literary and visual dimensions. Dickens’ London is a thrilling city, rich in sweeping images and sordid details, which has captured the world’s imagination and is brought to life on the screen here. Polanski used Gustave Doré’s original Victorian prints to recreate the London Dickens knew. The result is top-hat clad men silhoetted ominously against smoky street-corners, and it will take your breath away.Nor has Polanski purposefully neglected the darkness of the Dickensian universe. When the film wants to be sinister, it can be chillingly so. Polanski knows full well the compelling power of the audience’s imagination to create fear for themselves, and never forgets the useful mantra of less being more. This shines through during the scene of Nancy’s death: a splatter of blood flying across the kitchen table is far more chilling and horrific than a graphic, brutal murder scene could ever have been.This is a beautifully visual, enchantingly warm remake of an old favourite. After leaving the cinema, you’ll feel like approaching Polanski as Oliver once approached his orphanage cook, and tremblingly ask: “Please, sir, I want some more”.ARCHIVE: 0th week MT 2005last_img read more

Uber arrived in Rijeka

first_imgAs of today, Uber is officially coming to Rijeka, and the seventh city in Croatia where uberX, uberSELECT and uberVAN services will be available.People from Rijeka and many tourists who come to this city have shown incredible interest in Uber, and precisely because of this great interest, as well as because of the tourist prosperity of Rijeka, Uber wants to give everyone access to an additional option to move through the city. “The incredible number of 14 openings of Uber’s application was an invitation that we could not refuse and that is why we are glad that we will connect another city in Croatia with our service. With the arrival of Uber in Rijeka, in the coming months, at least 300 new jobs will be created in the companies and trades of the partner – drivers. We are sure that our service will simplify the movement of many Rijeka residents, but also tourists who will spend this summer on the Croatian coast.”Said Davor Tremac, Uber’s CEO for Southeast Europe.The uberX service will be available in Rijeka, while all those who want additional comfort and quality in more spacious vehicles with the best rated drivers can choose uberSELECT. The UberVAN service is intended for larger groups of people up to eight users traveling together. In the city zone, the prices of the uberX service will be 6 kuna to start, 3 kuna per kilometer and 0.4 kuna per minute of driving. The minimum ride price is 10 kuna. In the suburban zone, the price will be 9 kuna start, 5 kuna per kilometer and 0.5 kuna per minute of driving, and the minimum price will be 15 kuna.For UberSELECT and UberVAN the price will be the same in the urban and suburban area. That is, 11 kuna start, 6.5 kuna per kilometer driven and 0.65 kuna per minute of driving with a minimum driving price of 20 kuna. For UberVAN, the starting price will be 13 kuna, 8.5 kuna per kilometer driven and 0.8 kuna per minute of driving. The minimum ride price is 25 kuna. All the above Uber services will be available from Brseč to Selce and on the island of Krk.Rijeka – a great example of the beginning of market liberalizationRijeka has a liberalized market as much as possible within the existing Law, which is an excellent first step in ensuring a better price for moving through the city. However, at the state level, the next step needs to be taken in line with the positive examples of 21st century regulations – and that is full liberalization through the introduction of a new category, pre-negotiated transport.Full liberalization means that dual administration with state-level licenses and city-level permits should be prevented. “Double issuance of licenses and permits is unnecessary because it is a lengthy process, leaves room for local corruption and restricts entrepreneurship. Likewise, for the successful growth of the entire industry, it is necessary to remove outdated rules such as setting a minimum or maximum price – because that ultimately means higher transport prices for citizens. The Rijeka administration is a good example that proves that a liberalized market works well, and the removal of administrative barriers can create even more jobs in the field of passenger car transport.”, Said Davor Tremac, Uber’s CEO for Southeast Europe.Also, the new regulations should allow the choice of the method of calculating the price, either by GPS or by renegotiating the price with the service providers, and not as the only method to leave the taximeter. It is necessary to remove the existing condition of professional qualification through a three-year school – it is enough to have a category B driver’s license and driving experience of at least 3 years. Finally, a regular medical examination and an advanced safe driving course should be added.Full liberalization in line with the European Commission’s recommendations increases choice for the end user and creates at least 15.000 new jobs, reduces waiting times for vehicles and does not restrict freedom of movement.Related news: UBER AS THE AMBASSADOR OF CROATIAN TOURISMlast_img read more

Wednesday January 23rd Local Sports

first_imgMASON CITY – For the second time this season, NIACC’s Mandy Willems has been selected as the Iowa Community College Athletic Conference women’s basketball player of the week for the week of Jan. 14-20.Willems, who prepped at AGWSR, scored 78 points, including 17 3-point goals, in the No. 5 NIACC’s three games last week where the Lady Trojans went 2-1. She scored 24 points against DMACC, 26 points against No. 10 Kirkwood and 28 points against Southeastern.Willems, who was also selected as the league’s player of the week for the week of Oct. 29-Nov. 3, also had 20 rebounds in the three games last week.Willems, who averages 22.5 points per game, has 88 3-point goals, which leads NJCAA Division II and ranks third on NIACC’s all-time single-season list.Both of NIACC’s basketball teams return to action Wednesday at home against Little Priest Tribal College. Game time for the women’s game in the NIACC gym is slated for 5:30 with the men’s game starting at about 7:30. You can hear both games on AM-1300 KGLO, kgloam.com and via the KGLO mobile app. TONIGHT:AM-1300 KGLO, kgloam.com, KGLO mobile app — NIACC vs. Little Priest Tribal College — women 5:30, men 7:30 DES MOINES — Drake will be out to win a third straight game on Wednesday night when the Bulldogs host Evansville. The Aces won the first matchup in double overtime in the Missouri Valley Conference opener. It was the game Drake lost senior Nick Norton to a knee injury.Drake coach Darian DeVries. After starting 0-2 in the Valley the Bulldogs have won three of their last four.Freshman guard D.J. Wilkins is playing a bigger role and is averaging just over 11 points per game. IOWA CITY — Iowa will honor former women’s basketball coach C. Vivian Stringer on Wednesday night when the Hawkeyes host Rutgers. Stringer coached the Hawkeyes from 1983-1995 and earlier this season posted her 1000th career win. Current Hawkeye coach Lisa Bluder.Now in her 24th season at Rutgers, Stringer has the Scarlet Knights off to a 7-0 start in Big Ten play. Iowa is 5-2 and part of a three way tie for second place. DES MOINES — Several schools from area conferences are ranked in the second Iowa Wrestling Coaches and Officials Association dual team rankings released on Tuesday. Looking at the top five in each class and the other schools:=== 1A1. Don Bosco2. Denver3. Lisbon4. Lake Mills5. West Sioux12. Central Springs15. West Hancock=== 2A1. West Delaware2. Solon3. New Hampton/Turkey Valley4. Davenport Assumption5. Union LaPorte City7. Clarion-Goldfield-Dows9. Osage13. Humboldt=== 3A1. Southeast Polk2. Waverly-Shell Rock3. Ankeny Centennial4. Waukee5. Fort DodgeYou can find the full list of rankings by clicking here. The Iowa High School Athletic Association also on Tuesday released regional duals sites for Classes 1A and 2A. The top two teams from sectional tournaments held on February 2nd will advance to the regional duals. In Class 1A, Lake Mills will be one of the sites. In Class 2A, Clarion and New Hampton will be two of the area sites. PHOENIX (AP) — Karl-Anthony Towns had 25 points, 18 rebounds and seven assists and the Minnesota Timberwolves rolled past the short-handed Phoenix Suns 118-91 on Tuesday night. Josh Okogie added a career-high 21 points for the Timberwolves, who beat the Suns for the second time in a row. AMES — It has been a long time since Iowa State has had the same quarterback start and finish a season. Brock Purdy hopes to change that. Purdy was inserted into the lineup as a true freshman in the second series of the fifth game at Oklahoma State and helped lead the Cyclones to an 8-5 finish.Purdy says as he prepares for his sophomore season he will take on a bigger leadership role.last_img read more

Privileged Planet Website Opens

first_imgA website featuring a new book by Guillermo Gonzalez and Jay Richards, The Privileged Planet, has opened.  The subtitle of the book is How Our Place in the Cosmos Is Designed for Discovery.  The authors take issue with pessimistic views, such as those of Steven Weinberg and Carl Sagan, that our planet is “pointless” or just a “lost speck of cosmic dust” in the universe.  Au contraire, the authors argue with many interesting observations: our planet appears to have been intelligently designed not only for our existence and well-being, but to maximize our ability to comprehend the creation.    The website also highlights a documentary movie by the same title due to be released soon by Illustra Media, producer of the popular documentary Unlocking the Mystery of Life.  The film will feature Robert Jastrow, Paul Davies, Donald Brownlee, and other prominent astronomers and philosophers.  A video clip of the opening is available on the website.  The book and film are being promoted by the Discovery Institute, an intelligent design think tank.This is not a typical creationist book or film.  To the extent it argues that our universe and earth appear designed for life and discovery, it makes an old anthropic argument stronger, adding an intriguing original point that our position makes science and discovery possible, as if that were the Creator’s intent.  Don’t expect it to argue for a view of special creation by the Judeo-Christian God, or to argue for a Biblical history or chronology.  It should, however, be a valuable resource to impel knowledgeable skeptics to consider the evidence for design.  Dr. Gonzalez and Jay Richards have impeccable credentials and know their specialties well.(Visited 9 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Stena Bulk Waiting Permission to Visit Stena Imperos Crew

first_imgzoomImage Courtesy: Stena Bulk Stena Bulk, the owner of the recently seized Stena Impero, said that it is still waiting for a formal permission to visit the ship’s crew members in the Port of Bandar Abbas.President and Chief Executive of Stena Bulk, Erik Hanell, said that the company submitted “a formal request for permission” to the authorities at the port to visit the 23 crew members of Indian, Russian, Latvian and Filipino nationality.“The request has been acknowledged, but we await a formal response. In the meantime, we will continue to co-operate and liaise with all appropriate authorities.”The British-flagged, Swedish-owned oil tanker was seized while transiting the Strait of Hormuz on July 19 for “breaching international maritime law”, according to a report from Tehran-based Press TV.The 46,575 cbm Stena Impero allegedly turned off its tracker and ignored several warnings by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) before being boarded by armed guards. Additionally, the tanker reportedly failed to respond to a distress call sent by an Iranian fishing boat.A second oil tanker, managed by Norbulk Shipping UK, was boarded by Iranian armed personnel on Friday. The 315,000 dwt Mesdar was instructed to head north towards Iran but it was soon cleared to resume its voyage.“Our local staff in India, Latvia, Philippines, Russia are in constant touch with the families and we will continue to do everything humanly possible to keep them informed and to support them in every way we can,” Hanell added.“Our insurers in the region have been in contact with the Head of Marine Affairs at the Port of Bandar Abbas, who has reported that the crew members of our vessel Stena Impero are in ‘good health’ and that the tanker is at the nearby Bandar Bahonar anchorage.”last_img read more

Couple with multiple stab wounds found dead at Gurugram home

first_imgGurgaon: A couple, both in their 30s, was found murdered on Thursday morning at their rented house in Gurgaon’s Udyog Vihar.The bodies of Vikram and Jyoti were found, with multiple stab wounds, at their second-floor home in village Dundahera and one person has been detained, police said. Vikram worked at a private company in the city and his wife was a homemaker. The incident was reported at 4 am when a member of landlord’s family, who lived on the ground floor heard a commotion. They checked and saw the couple lying in a pool of blood. The landlord rushed them to a hospital, where they were declared dead on arrival.last_img

Long Bay High to Open this Week

first_img Related Items:dr. carlton mills, LONG BAY HIGH SCHOOL Impressive opening for Long Bay High; PNP Administration breaks ground on Phase II Salt Cay being ignored, Member & Native demand better Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 25 Nov 2015 – The country’s newest school will have its ribbon cutting tomorrow; the Long Bay High School will end a near 20 year drought in new school construction for the government system when it opens for classes. Former Education Minister, Dr. Carlton Mills has been selected as the principal of the new institution which takes in around 160 form one students in a progressive manner. Long Bay High was late in opening for the 2015-2016 academic year; its students were temporarily placed at Clement Howell High. Little Mr & Miss Pageant for new high school Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more