China Banks Steer Clear of Adani’s Mega Coal Project in Australia

first_imgChina Banks Steer Clear of Adani’s Mega Coal Project in Australia FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享South China Morning Post:Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) and China Construction Bank said in separate statements they were not working on the project, after media recently reported that Chinese banks may get involved.Adani was seeking A$2 billion (US$1.5 billion) in financing by March 2018 for the A$4 billion first stage of its proposed Carmichael coal mine in the state of Queensland, a project that has been shrunk from a A$16.5 billion plan to make it more viable.Adani declined to comment on its financing plans on Monday or the statements from the Chinese banks.Australian and overseas banks have balked at granting loans for the project, which environmentalists oppose due to climate change and the potential for damage to the Great Barrier Reef.“ICBC has not been, and does not intend to be, engaged in arranging financing for this project,” ICBC, China’s biggest listed lender by assets, said in a statement on its Australian website.“ICBC attaches great importance to its social responsibilities and keenly promotes ‘green financing’ … This statement is made without any view on or prejudice towards the Carmichael mine project.”The mine’s location 400km from a Pacific Ocean shipping terminal means financing infrastructure costs has been at the forefront of debate over the project’s economic viability.“China Construction Bank is not involved with, nor considering involvement with, the Adani Carmichael Mine project,” an external spokesperson for China Construction Bank in Australia said in an emailed statement on Monday.CCB in China was not immediately available for comment.Reuters has previously reported that Adani was in talks with China Machinery Engineering Corp (CMEC) for a loan, which could have involved China Construction Bank or China Export Import Bank.China Export Import Bank was not immediately available for comment.Tim Buckley, from the pro-renewables Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, said that the news was very significant, but did leave open the possibility for the project to be funded by another Chinese bank.“At the end of the day, any one of these big Chinese banks could fund 100 per cent of the project tomorrow if they wanted. They’re that big,” he said.Carmichael has been delayed by court challenges from environmentalists and indigenous groups concerned about climate change and the impact on native land and water supply, but those challenges have been rejected.Adani hoped to start shipping coal from Carmichael by March 2020 in the first stage of the project, which it bought amid a coal boom in 2010.More: China’s top two banks won’t finance controversial Adani coal mine in Australialast_img read more

East v West

first_imgFlying into Asheville is a treat, watching the land rise, flow and meander softly in deep shades of green. The riding here is also that way – when I’m in shape. The depths of the forest trails whip through the forest floor with steady climbs and swift descents, spattered with the occasional spankings. There are details – sharp rocks, boulder gardens, and roots, gnarled against the weather. Those features can fill a ride with teeth-chattering descents and exhausting climbs, but with the right mindset, it rolls, jumps and punishes more like a strict mother.The Western range is more like the stormy and wild little brother. It peaks and staggers in a provoking manner, leaving one breathless, joyful, surprised, and a little pissed off at times. The climbing is astonishing and the descents are inconceivable. The flow wraps around and around the jagged peaks, but you’ve still got to get up to it and then back down again.Is any of that better or worse? No. It’s all delightful. In the West you need an oxygen tank and the East you need gills. In the West you have flat hair, in the East you have curly. In the West you wash out in gravel and sand, catapulting off of the mountain. In the East you traverse rock gardens that send you catapulting off of the mountain.It’s generally the same amount of bloodshed, just a different weapon; the same amount of beauty, just a different palette.last_img read more

Mad Mountain Mud Run

first_imgRace ContactHeather [email protected] Race DetailsWhen: June 1, 2013Where: Hendersonville, N.C.What: Mud Run/Obstacle RaceStart time: First team takes off at 1pm. Festival from 12:30pm to 7pmRace size: Limit 500 teams of 4Website: www.madmountainmudrun.comThe Hunter Subaru Mad Mountain Mud Run is a 3.5 mile muddy adventure race in the mountains of Western North Carolina. In its second year, this team event is already shaping up to be muddier, muckier, and more challenging for adventure enthusiasts!Want to race for FREE? Enter our Race Ahead Giveaway to win free entry in the Mad Mountain Mud Run!last_img

Video Clips of the Week: Skijouring

first_imgSkiing and snowboarding are fantastic ways to enjoy winter, but there’s room on the snow for even more. Why not try something new this season? Like skijouring. It’s skiing… with a dog or horse involved… Don’t ask just watch.last_img

Trail Mix | Ana Popovic

first_imgPerhaps, in her latest bio, Belgrade born guitarist Ana Popovic should include the word overachiever.Popovic, whose work has drawn praise from such rock luminaries as Bruce Springsteen and ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, is set to release Trilogy on Friday, May 20th.As the project title suggests, Trilogy is a collection of three records. Each volume in this 23 song undertaking focuses on a specific musical genre. Popovic and her desperately talented band ambitiously tackle blues, jazz, and funk in turn and the recordings feature iconic guest musicians like Robert Randolph, Joe Bonamassa, and Cody Dickinson, among others.I recently chatted with Ana Popovic about Trilogy, playing with some of the best guitar players in the business, and her favorite Hendrix licks.BRO – Of the three records in Trilogy, which one pushed you outside of your comfort zone the most?AP – It was Midnight, the jazz album. I went back and practiced jazz guitar that I learned years ago when studying in Holland. I changed guitars, playing a Gibson ES 175 for the first time, and I had to deal with a different right hand position, different guitar neck, and a real clean jazz guitar tone. I had no effects at all and just played into a ’66 Fender Super Reverb. It was very clean and precise. Fast licks just need to be flawless. And dealing with the changes, still trying to capture the blue note, I approached the jazz standards from the side of the blues.BRO – Any trepidation in trading guitar licks with Joe Bonamassa?AP – Of course not! I love Joe’s playing and when “Train” was done I simply thought that Joe would kill it here. I texted him and sent him two songs to choose from and he chose “Train.” He delivered an incredible solo. It was exactly what the song needed. I admire him as a player, singer, and band leader, but most of all as the pioneer in blues for building an incredible career on his own terms and not just following the music business rules.BRO – We are featuring “Hook Me Up” on this month’s Trail Mix. Did Robert Randolph share any pedal steel knowledge with you that you can pass along to me?AP – I’ve played with Robert many times and I love his playing. Same thing as with Joe. When I heard the basic tracks for “Hook Me Up,” I thought the chord progression and guitar theme was so Robert! I called him up and he did deliver just what I was hoping for – a fiery, bold, funky, and unpredictable take on a Johnny Guitar Watson song, which was exactly was Watson was.BRO – What words of encouragement do you like to offer girls who show interest in playing rock and roll guitar?AP – Don’t go and learn from just one guitar player. Practice with different guitar players, piano players, or sax players. You can get licks and ideas from different types of musicians and even different musical styles. Trust your intuition and rock!BRO – You are a veteran of the Experience Hendrix Tour. What’s your favorite obscure Hendrix lick? Maybe something from a track that the average listener wouldn’t know?AP – It’s not so much the licks as the sounds he would produce with overdrive and fuzz guitar, his amps turned up to ten. I think his Woodstock “Star Spangled Banner” is out of this world. The solo, where you hear they cry of a baby and the cry of mothers and guns and screams. I don’t think anyone could even come close to that today. It’s simply a total control of the instrument, and he did it fifty years ago.Our friends in Europe will be able to catch Ana Popovic through the rest of May, as she and her band have dates in France, Romania, Serbia, and Holland in their sights. Popovic returns to the U.S.A. in early June, with shows along the East Coast planned throughout the month before the band turns westward.For more information on how to get your copy of  Trilogy and when and where Ana and her band will be, please check out her website.Also, be sure to check out “Hook Me Up,” which features the incredible pedal steel guitar work of Robert Randolph, on this month’s Trail Mix.last_img read more

The Things They Carried

first_imgOn my recent two-week solo backpacking excursion on the Appalachian Trail, I asked one survey question to 67 people with whom I crossed paths: “What’s the least practical thing you’re carrying?”Five backpackers wished they hadn’t brought towels. Six people named a book as their least practical item. Twelve of the survey responses were related to electronics. Four backpackers admitted to carrying alcohol, two said they brought candy, and one said tobacco. Four said the A.T. was more shaded than they expected, so they regretted bringing sunglasses or sunscreen. Once, I got the same answer from two people for opposite reasons: a sleeping pad too big and one too thin.Some people described items I considered completely necessary for myself—such as tent (two people named this), sleeping bag, bear spray, and water bladder. And of course several people named objects I found laughably absurd, such as a big glass jar of jam, a two-pound wax pirate, a large makeup bag, a razor with shaving gel, and heavy foods like non-dehydrated salsa, almond milk, pickles, and applesauce (all four of these food items were carried by one person).Very few of the answers were sentimental: a few people, like me, carried a notebook or a journal, but only one woman described a gift from a family member. This woman, who called herself “Meemaw Bobbie,” carried a stuffed owl toy her granddaughter gave her. In parallel, my least practical item was a watercolor painting and letter from my sister.Like Henry David Thoreau, we go to the woods because we wish to live deliberately. Backpacking represents maximum simplicity in a time when life is often overwhelmingly complex. My survey was perfectly suited for the Appalachian Trail because backpacking makes you think about what’s really, truly important to keep with you—knowing that each item has a price in weight. In a world of disposable everything and a constant push for more-more-more, backpacking stands out as a unique opportunity to distill your life into what’s essential.last_img read more

Trail Mix – Love Canon Album Release Concert Ticket Giveaway!!

first_imgBy submitting your answer, you are not being added to any mailing list. Your information is kept private and never shared with anyone.And tune in to the July edition of Trail Mix, which will feature Love Canon’s take on Mr. Mister’s “Kyrie,” along with brand new tunes from Arthur Buck, JOHNNYSWIM with Drew Holcomb, Hot Buttered Rum, Kinky Friedman, Israel Nash, and many more. I graduated from high school in 1990, so I am most definitely a child of the 1980s.My adolescence, complete with four years of high school in West Germany, included a steady diet of eighties pop hits and new wave music. My favorite bands, to this day, include The Smiths, Cure, and Depeche Mode, and I can still sing along to pretty much everything else you would have heard on the earliest days of MTV.Charlottesville’s Love Canon has taken the collective love shared by me and so many for eighties tunes to another level, remaking these monster hits on acoustic instruments.Next month, Love Canon will be releasing Cover Story, which includes renditions of tunes from Howard Jones, Billy Joel, REM, Mr. Mister, and Depeche Mode, among others. This new record follows the band’s first three Greatest Hits releases, which includes tune from Toto, Don Henley, J. Geils Band, The Police, and so many more.Love Canon is leading an eighties acoustic revival.But make no mistake. Love Canon is most definitely not a tribute band. This is not kitsch or schtick. These guys are bad ass pickers, with as much (if not more) prowess on their instruments as the bluegrass bands out there tackling more traditional Bill Monroe or Stanley Brothers standards. These guys prove their brilliance in their interpretations of these songs and the attention to detail and the work on Cover Story is simply genius.And as if the collective talents of Love Canon’s five members wasn’t enough, Cover Story has a rad list of guest artists, too. Dobro maestro Jerry Douglas, fiddling wizards Mike Barnett, Michael Cleveland, and Alex Hargreaves, vocalist Aoife O’Donovan, Soulive’s Eric Krasno, and acoustic genius Keller Williams all contribute to the remakes of these eighties classics.I chatted with Love Canon’s singer/guitarist Jesse Harper about taking 80s hits and working them up on acoustic instruments, 80s fashion, and the ultimate 80s singer sit in.BRO – How challenging is to take these songs and work them up on acoustic instruments?JH – It’s quite involved. We spend hours transcribing them and then working on which parts fit on which instruments. That said, it’s so much fun that it doesn’t feel like work.BRO – How does the range of the songs you pick to record and play challenge you as a vocalist?JH – The eighties are defined by dudes who could sing in the stratosphere. I don’t have that range, so we have had to move things down a few keys here and there in order to accommodate my vocal limitations. But I’m trying. I continue to be amazed at the talent of all of these groups we cover vocally and musically.BRO – Your own favorite 80s tune?JH – Ah, a tough one. I have so many. “Rosanna,” by Toto, is definitely on the list, and “Kyrie” by Mr. Mister.BRO – If you could get one singer from one of these tunes to sit in with the band, who would it be?JH – Paul Young? Or Sting.BRO – 80s fashion that you’d like to see make a comeback?JH – 80s fashion! It’s already back! I love Vans. And we aren’t sponsored or anything. Just so comfy and cool looking.Love Canon is in the midst of a run of show celebrating the release of Cover Story. Trail Mix wants to get you in to the performance space at The Birthplace of Country Music Museum in Bristol, Virginia, on Tuesday, July 3rd to catch a bit of that 80s nostalgia.Take a shot at the trivia question down below for a chance at two passes to the show! A winner will be chosen from all of the correct responses received by Noon on Tuesday, July 3.Good luck!Trivia Question . . . . Brit singer Paul Young, mentioned by Jesse up above, turned what tune penned by Daryl Hall into a chart-topping international hit in 1985?last_img read more

DuPont State Recreational Forest temporarily closed

first_imgAll trails, trailheads and forest facilities are closed until further notice. Parking areas, both designated and roadside, are barricaded in the interest of public safety. “Closing state forests to the public is a decision I do not take lightly, and much consideration has been given to this decision,” said Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler. DuPont State Recreational Forest temporarily closed to the public; public access restricted due to COVID-19 safety concerns Forest Service officials have temporarily closed DuPont State Recreational Forest and neighboring Holmes Educational State Forest effective at 10 p.m. Tuesday, March 24, restricting public access until further notice. NCFS officials note that crowds are gathering in parking areas and trailheads which compromises the degree of social distancing needed to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus. “The bottom line is that these sites are beautiful and treasured places in our state where families and visitors can make positive, lasting memories. These state forests have experienced what many state parks and beaches have, too — unsafe and overcrowded conditions that tax these resources. This temporary closure to the public is necessary, but rest assured, it is temporary.”center_img For updated information about public access to North Carolina State Forests during the COVID-19 pandemic, visit and follow us on Facebook. The N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the N.C. Forest Service regret that temporary closure of DSRF and HESF is necessary. NCFS officials will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring both forests are reopened when conditions allow. DuPont Forest Covered Bridge in North Carolina – Getty Imageslast_img read more

Go Outside and Play: Hendersonville, North Carolina

first_imgPhoto courtesy of Lazy Otter Outfitters. MORNING EVENING Jump Off Rock, only 15 minutes from downtown, offers stunning sunset views. Peer into four states as the sun sinks behind the Blue Ridge. AFTERNOON Get an early start at North River Farms where DB bar D Outfitters leads half-day and full-day guided trout fishing trips on the 1,450-acre farm along the north fork of Mills River. Rainbow, brook, and brown trout are plentiful in the catch-and-release waters. Afterward, enjoy a streamside lunch. MORNING DAY ONE Next door to the Riveter, the East Coast headquarters of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company beckons beer enthusiasts. The palatial brewery combines good beer, environmental stewardship, culinary creativity, and fun times. Sign up in advance for a brewery tour or take a self-guided stroll down hallways filled with memorabilia from the company’s 40-year history. Circle around the fire pit in the expansive beer garden out back and toast your time in Hendersonville. Stop by The Baker’s Box and grab a freshly made sandwich, wrap, or salad to go. Enjoy a picnic lunch at DuPont State Recreational Forest. A short hike leads to Hooker Falls or take a longer trek up to Triple and High falls. AFTERNOON Book a room at The Charleston Inn or 1898 Waverly Inn for a downtown lodging experience. The side-by-side bed and breakfasts both include historical charm and modern amenities. Walk to dinner on Main Street and choose from 25 independently owned restaurants. Don’t miss cocktails at Shine, Hendersonville’s first rooftop bar. Start the day with a relaxing paddle along the French Broad River, one of the oldest in the world. Lazy Otter Outfitters rents all the gear necessary to tube, kayak, canoe, or stand-up paddleboard. This section of the French Broad remains largely untouched by development, so paddlers will enjoy wildlife and vegetation along the banks. DAY TWO A WEEKEND IN… Feature Image: Sierra Nevada Brewery is one of 16 craft producer on the Henderson County Cheers! Trail. Photo by Sam Dean. Dupont Triple Falls. Photo by Bill Russ. Surrounded by Pisgah National Forest and minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway, Hendersonville beckons travelers looking to disconnect from daily worries and reconnect with each other and the natural world. Just south of busy Asheville, the vibrant mountain town of Hendersonville delivers its own blend of arts and culture, outdoor adventure, and creative craft beverage producers. Hendersonville, North Carolina EVENING Facebook: VisitHendersonvilleNC | Instagram: VisitHendersonvilleNCVISITHENDERSONVILLENC.COM The new Riveter gym combines an extensive climbing facility and bike park under one roof. With more than 16,000 square feet of climbing terrain, a multi-feature covered bike track, yoga studio and fitness area, Riveter accommodates whatever exercise gets you moving.last_img read more

Second Pseudoephedrine Shipment Seized This Week

first_imgBy Dialogo June 19, 2009 Guatemala, June 18 (EFE). – Official sources informed today that the security forces of Guatemala seized a pseudoephedrine shipment valued at 17.2 million quetzals (approximately 2.2 million dollars), the second this week. A spokesperson of the Civil National Police (PNC) told EFE that the antinarcotics agents of that institution seized the drugs Wednesday night in a warehouse at La Aurora International Airport in Guatemala city. It is a cargo of 148,400 pseudoephedrine tablets, which is believed to be shipped from Bangladesh. “We are investigating the source and destination of the cargo, as well as the way in which it entered the country,” he indicated. Last Monday, antinarcotics agents seized a cargo of 17, 562,000 pseudoephedrine tablets in the port of Quetzal, on the Pacific coast. It was found in a container carried in the boat “Libra Rio”, coming from India. The cargo was valued at approximately 32,48 million dollars. The police spokesperson said that no arrests were made when both cargos were seized. Last February, the Guatemalan government prohibited the import of pseudoephedrine because of its use in the manufacture of synthetic drugs such as ecstasy.last_img read more