‘The Literary Festival & Book Fair is part of our celebration of Emancipation’ – Dr Severin

first_imgLocalNews ‘The Literary Festival & Book Fair is part of our celebration of Emancipation’ – Dr Severin by: – August 9, 2011 Share Sharing is caring! Tweet Dr. Francis Severin. Photo credit: GIS NewsDominica’s 4th Nature Island Literary Festival and Book Fair have been portrayed as part of the country’s celebration of Emancipation.Dr Francis O. Severin, the keynote speaker at the launch of the event, has described the theme ‘Hooked on Books’ as ‘succinct yet profound; clichéd yet relevant; and constrained yet liberating’.Dr Severin said that as we participate in the activities, we must preserve within our clear vision the fact that the Literary Festival and Book Fair is part of our celebration of Emancipation and indeed, culminates our national celebration, in this regard.“Emancipation celebration ought to be a period when we specifically reflect upon the dignity of our forefathers who went through the sacrifice and “trouble” of losing their lives so that we might live, NOT as undignified and shameful beings, NOT, in Rex Nettleford’s phrase, as “hopelessly black”, but to emerge as free men and women. I do not at all believe that this freedom was simply intended to be physical; indeed, and more importantly, it was also meant to be psychological and mental. It is only the naïve who perceive differently”.Using a common extract from Bob Marley, “emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds”, Dr Severin believes that our pursuit of knowledge ought to be a shared and communal one that is not separated or defined by class, politics, gender, skin texture, degree of melanin in the skin, hair or eyes, or indeed any other discordant variables.“Absolutely no group must be left behind. Besides, no group must feel intimidated by our collective thirst and hunger for knowledge. Indeed, Bob Marley assures us in ‘Blackman Redemption’ that there is No need, no need to get jumpy, and in another song ‘One Love’, he pleads to humankind, cautioning us as he does so, that “there ain’t no hiding place from the Father of Creation”, he said.He cautioned however, that being hooked on the wrong genre of books can indeed have harmful effects on our minds.“Being hooked on books of the right sort or genre, my dear brothers and sisters, offers us the opportunity not only to inform ourselves, BUT IMPORTANTLY to break the cycle of mis-information.  Being hooked on books also requires us to sharpen our cognitive skills by which we interrogate and deconstruct what we read and hear,” Severin stressed.The 4th Nature Island Literary Festival and Book Fair, which began on August 5th culminated on August 7th with the distribution of prizes and awards.Activities held during the weekend activities included a series of workshops facilitated by writers, poets and artists.Dominica Vibes Newscenter_img Share 13 Views   no discussions Sharelast_img

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