first_imgBILL NEAL :10 You may have read it here, for that matter, you may have been there. Where you may ask? Well, of course, I’m talking about the 2nd and 3rd best parties given by an individual this year. The 2nd being Debbie Norrell’s birthday bash at the Comfort Inn in Penn Hills a few weeks ago and now holding down third place, the Vince Neal blowout held earlier this year at Hosanna House.Yeah, both came with great “free” food, top of the line D.J. and old school flavor. But boys and girls, there’s a new party king at the table now! Charles “Buddy” Allie (quite possibly the nicest guy in the whole wide world) took over the No. 1 spot with his “65”-year-old birthday par-tay at the Airport Marriott…okay, right there huge points. Then you add to that not only the Pittsburgh Corvette Club, but Cleveland and D.C. as well, yep, the free food, TeeJay the D.J. (Baaaddd Boy) and the discounted overnight accommodations (you know what I’m saying). But here’s the killer, when you cap off the night with a birthday gift to yourself and roll in the room on a classic $100,000 Harley Davidson motorcycle…well, as I always say…Game Over!:09 In case you haven’t heard, Notre Dame football is back and is real. Now ranked 3rd in the nation after going into Oklahoma rustling up some steers for what many consider an upset. The Golden Dome shines again.:08 When I see the great Michael “Air” Jordan with the additional “50” pounds he’s put on, I don’t’ feel so bad about mine. See, it happens to the best of us. Father Time wins every time! I think it’s now safe to say “Air” Jordan has been grounded.:07 Eddie “E.J.” Jefferies is up and about and kickin’ that stroke in the butt. The power of prayer, mmmaaannn! If you see him “South of the Border Down Mexico Way,” call me right away! Don’t ask, you wouldn’t understand.:06 Alright “Chapman” here we go again. I’ll do it for you, but not everybody. Henry Chapman gets locked in with what I call the second wave of great guards that came along after the Larry Richardsons, Dwight Clays, Norm Nixons, etc. Chapman and many others including Myron Brown, Warner Macklin, David “Puffy” Kennedy, and Darren Walls, man all them cats could play. I mean really play. But what they all did for real, for real, is play that “D.” Hey Chapman, as fast as you used to be, I still caught you. You’re now “In the Locker Room.”:05 Pitt beat Temple. They’re supposed to. That’s when you know your program is back on track… when you beat the teams you’re supposed to…that’s right, you guessed it…Shut up!!:04 Speakin’ of Darren Walls and Notre Dame and I was, congratulations to his son’s successful career there and his now NFL career. “D-Walls” aka “Skywalker” was most certainly one of the ten greatest point/2 guards in Pittsburgh City League history. Quite simply, he could do it all; “D” you up, shoot it, slam on ya and more than all that, is a great young man. But what would you expect. That’s the “Wall’s” tradition and legacy. All the Walls boys were great athletes and good people. Love ya “D.”:03 Big LeMaison thanks to everyone that came out to the bed and breakfast jazz set with the beautiful Allure Models and the legendary Kenny Blake. The evening was a huge success. 50 strong took in the beautiful mansion in Penn Hills owned and operated by Bill Thompson. Special thanks to our sponsors, Judge Dwayne Woodruff, Gibson’s Soul Food Restaurant, Simmies Seafood Restaurant, The Green Forest, Mohann’s Restaurant, Eat-n-Park, The New Pittsburgh Courier, The Massage Institute of Penn Hills, Tracy Lynn Jewelry and, of course, the great Champions Executive staff.:02 Hey, Mr. John R. Laymon Jr., now that the error of my ways has been corrected. Pat a brother on the back and yeah you’re “In the Locker Room.” And in case ya’ll forgot, JL could shoot the ball with the best of them. I know, I know, it’s the North Side way!:01 The “D” is back in Pittsburgh. Vick and R.G.III are a distant memory. Bring on Eli and the New York Giants.:00 Double Overtime:Coming up Dec. 9, mark your calendars for the 37th Annual Willie Stargell Pittsburgh MVP Awards Banquet, honoring the great Michael Moorer, former heavyweight world champion, Buddy Allie, world track champion, Coach Terry Smith, Coach Harvey Smith and others. More information coming. This is gonna be nice!~ GAME OVER ~last_img

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