After the Webinar: Disability and Abuse

first_imgIn this vlog, Ashley Anne Marshall, who is completing her Master’s degree at Vanderbilt University in Child Studies, will be taking you through the connections between disabilities, abuse, and young children. She will also be discussing the signs of abuse and neglect.Signs of abuse and neglect include:unexplained injurieschanges in behaviorsreturning to earlier behaviorsfear of going homechanges in eatingchanges in sleepingchanges in school performance or attendancelack of personal care or hygienerisk taking behaviorsinappropriate sexual behaviorsWhen working with young children it is important to be extra observant because often times these children are too young to speak, or to tell you if abuse is taking place.Like what you heard here? Then be sure to check out the archived recording of our MFLN Family Development Virtual Learning Event Session 3 | Beyond Mandated Reporting: Building Resiliency with Families presented by Catherine Corr, Deserai Miller, and Ashley Anne Marshall on October 22, 2015.For more information on MFLN Family Development’s October 2015 Virtual Learning Event sessions check out our VLE website, here.last_img

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