Safety Improved at Peggys Cove

first_img The Sou’Wester Restaurant will also install rock barriers around the parking lot to guide visitors towards warning signs. “I think these measures strike the right balance between improving public safety, while maintaining public access and the natural beauty of this beloved destination,” said Business Minister Mark Furey. “We hope these changes will help people better understand how they can stay safe while enjoying their visit.” Almost half a million people visit Peggy’s Cove every year. Incidents where waves have swept people off the rocks are both tragic and rare. “Increasing education and the interventions available to prevent people from getting into trouble is key to the Lifesaving Society’s work,” said Paul D’Eon, director of Nova Scotia Lifeguard Service. “When reviewing options, the task team focused on awareness and safety. “We didn’t want to put people who do not have proper training at risk, and the recommended options will help people better understand coastal safety.” One of Nova Scotia’s iconic and most visited landmarks will be safer as a result of improvements that will be made at Peggy’s Cove. Based on recommendations made by a task team of members from the community and local organizations, government will make the following improvements: new and enhanced safety signs will be installed in the coming weeks a video warning message will be played at the visitor information centre tourism staff will improve communications with visitors and tour operators interpretive panels will be installed describing the strength of the ocean a social media safety campaign at the start of this tourism seasonlast_img

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