Jeremy Corbyn reveals secret to his flourishing allotment How he waters his

first_imgIn the podcast the singer told Mr Corbyn he has an “obsession” with compost and when the opposition leader questioned him further asking: “Do you turn the compost? … and do you put rods in? and do you water your heap?”, the star replied: “I wee on it!” His prized produce, which includes sweetcorn, leeks and artichokes, is complemented by his special compost, he revealed. In a surprising revelation the Labour leader revealed in a podcast to singer Will Young how adding urine to compost is “excellent” and says “everyone in allotments does”. Far from being shocked, Mr Corbyn responded: “Well that too,… Jeremy Corbyn has revealed the secret to his flourishing allotment – how he ‘waters’ his compost.last_img

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