Dont tidy your garden to help animals survive the heatwave says Royal

Crucially, most animals would benefit from a supply of water or a damp area in the garden.A pile of dead, damp wood is also appealing for amphibians, especially if left in the shade, and the logs are a “five star” option for a range of invertebrates including hoverflies, woodlice, spiders and beetles. Gardeners will be excited to tend their gardens this weekend, if it rains as promised – but they have been told to be sparing with their shears in order to save the lives of animals blighted by the heatwave.The Royal Horticultural Society has asked gardeners not to make their gardens too tidy, as this reduces the amount of hiding places for toads, birds and hedgehogs.Gardeners should leave wildflower and meadow grasses uncut, increase log piles, and leave in place plants that have gone to seed, as various animals love to shelter there.Birds need plants that have gone to seed for their nests, while the seeds are highly prized by goldfinches.The RHS has also warned gardeners to dig gingerly; many toads will have burrowed to escape the heat. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Helen Bostock, Senior Horticultural Advisor at the RHS said: “The UK’s gardens are a haven for wildlife with many gardeners plumping for plants and features that support their numbers.”Instigating some small changes this long, hot summer could bring major benefits for the many insects, amphibians, mammals and birds that call our plots, pots and baskets home.”Weeding should also not be done too thoroughly, the society warned, as they can provide important food for wildlife such as dandelions which are a larval food plant for a number of moths, rich source of nectar and pollen for bees and butterflies and seed source for goldfinches. Other changes the RHS urged gardeners to make include leaving food in shady spots for hedgehogs, who suffer without moist soil, in which they usually dig for worms. Don’t dig too hard! Toads will be burrowing to escape the heatCredit:AP Photo/Mark Baker, Files Don't dig too hard! Toads will be burrowing to escape the heat

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