Singapore man jailed for registering a xxx domain

first_imgUPDATE: Looks like we were had with this story. Visiting DomainGang for the first time we didn’t realize it was actually a parody site. The “digital entertainment for domainers” tagline wasn’t enough to set our alarm bells off. Apologies are in order, the Singapore authorities clearly aren’t raiding people’s houses for owning a .xxx domain.The .xxx domain has taken a long and winding road to approval. It has been trying to become official since 2005, and finally achieved official approval by ICANN in March this year. However, in Singapore, where Internet usage is tightly monitored and restricted, official approval seems to mean very little. Jiaming Sim, who tried to defend his own trademark by buying a .xxx domain during the Sunrise Period, was swiftly arrested (four hours after performing the registration) by Singapore police for doing so.The Sunrise Period refers to a period of time after the launch of a new top-level domain when owners of trademarks can register a domain name to protect their mark from abuse and domain sitters. Sim, who’s famous all over Singapore for producing a papaya and tomato pulp, tried to buy the .xxx domain to protect his company’s interests. According to his lawyer, Pnob Chang, Sim bought the domain so no competitors would post vulgar content under his name.Chang said that the Internet Crime Police in Singapore are very strict and monitor traffic to adult websites. Sim was arrested by a “sizable police force” that entered his apartment, confiscated his computer equipment, and broke a couple of teeth and four ribs as well. Clearly, someone has a big issue with the .xxx domain, or the potential it offers for a glut of new adult content in Singapore.Sim is currently being kept in a maximum security prison in Bukit Panjan, and Chang said they’ll file a motion to release Sim in the coming weeks.Countries like China and India block or restrict access to the .xxx domains, and many religious groups here in the U.S. had lobbied against the creation of a domain for adult content. Still, ICM Registry, the company behind .xxx still was able to get the domain to be approved.via DomainGanglast_img

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