Hori proves how good its PS Vita screen protector is with a

first_imgScreen protectors have become quite an important accessory in recent years due pretty much every device we carry around having a large display. And while Gorilla Glass may go along way towards protecting the majority of these displays, you don’t want them getting scratched or cracked, so you cover them up with a screen protector.So how do you market a screen protector and make it stand out from the competition? After all, they all look the same once you remove the packaging. In the case of Japanese accessories manufacturer Hori, you horrify gadgets lovers everywhere by trying to scratch a PS Vita screen with everything from a headphone jack to a wire brush.You can watch their PS Vita screen protector testing video below. It may be difficult, but try not to look away.I’d expect any screen protector to withstand being rubbed with a headphone jack or a coin, but a wire brush? That’s going to cause serious damage to most surface types, but somehow the Hori screen protector survives unscratched.The worst part of this video is when the screen protector is removed and the wire brush is once again scrubbed on the screen. The end result? A very scratched display and a PS Vita nobody is going to want to play games on again without first replacing it.This is effective marketing because if I was buying a screen protector for a Vita I would now favor purchasing one made by Hori. It could be other manufacturers offer the same level of protection, but then they haven’t made an equally horrifying video to prove it and grab my attention.last_img

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