Google Glass XE10 update to finally open the door to Glassware apps

first_imgGoogle Glass is about to get one of its biggest updates yet. That’s right, Glass is finally getting the long-awaited ability for users to install third party apps.Google’s wearable computer has improved dramatically since we first started writing about it on here at As promised, every month the Glass developer team has delivered updates to the platform. Each of those updates has not only brought new features, but also improved the usability of the device.Battery life has been extended, camera quality has been improved, and connection stability with smartphones has stabilized, all marking points of focus for the Glass team’s efforts. The project has clearly used their 10,000+ bed of beta users well, and improved their product dramatically in the process. This next update, which will be XE10 on Explorer Edition headsets, will be the most significant update yet for both developers and users. Glassware is finally landing.In true Google fashion, developers have been making the trek to Mountain View, signing NDAs, and been given space in the Googleplex to work with the Glass team so that their newly built Glassware apps will be available at launch.Multiple sources have now confirmed to that the update offers developers access to the sensors in Glass for use in motion tracking and development. Developers will also be able to create their own voice commands through Glassware, giving the user the ability to launch the app from the “OK Glass” menu if they so choose.Google has typically released the Glass update within the first half of each month, and it is looking like October will be no exception. The update will include a launch announcement from Google in which the app developers they have been working with will also be able to announce their apps for the platform.As it was explained at Google I/O this past year, Glassware isn’t meant to replace the existing Mirror APIs for most developers. Glassware gives developers who absolutely need it, like video game developers who are already building Glass apps that you can sideload, access to the proper tools for the best experience.Month by month, Google brings Glass one step closer to being a viable platform that will make sense to average users, and bring wearable computing further into the mainstream.last_img

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