GTA V for PC torrent is 18GB of malware

first_imgRockstar has not announced or released a version of GTA V for PC. That is clear to most gamers who have bothered to visit a reputable gaming website in the past few weeks or to simply go to Rockstar’s own site. But “most” isn’t all, and someone has decided to take advantage of that fact by producing a malware-riddled torrent called “GTA V for PC.”The torrent is 18GB in size, which just makes it look more legitimate because GTA V is a big game. What’s worse is the fact the installation process looks quite legitimate for the most part, however, while those stupid enough to download it think they are getting the game, instead their machine is being infected.The dream of playing GTA V on PC falls apart when the installation reaches the registration page. A key is required that’s located on a web page the user has to visit. When they do, they are presented with lots of surveys to fill out and inevitably no registration key to use. You can be sure some people filled out every survey that was presented though, in their desperate attempt to play the game on a platform it doesn’t exists on (yet).For the moment the torrent is apparently not flagged as being fake and ranks quite highly on certain search engines. Because of this, the torrent has been downloaded thousands of times, making this quite a successful project for whoever created the fake game installer in the first place.There’s clearly a lot of demand for GTA V to see a release on PC, and if you believe Intel it’s definitely happening. If and when it does, we can expect the same fake torrents claiming to be the game to reappear and get popular again.last_img

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