Jamaat mulls formation of a new party

first_img.Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami is now under pressure following its central leader Abdur Razzak’s resignation over the party’s failure to seek apology for its role during the Liberation War and bring reforms in the party, say insiders.To stop the morale of party men going down, the top bosses are assuring grassroots leaders and activists of launching a new organisation soon. A five-member committee has already been formed in this regard with the party’s secretary general being handed the task to lead the body.Many inside the party had been suggesting that the party should be dissolved and a new one should be launched with a new name.The conservative faction of the party, however, did not pay any heed to the suggestion. But things changed on Friday last when Jamaat’s assistant secretary general Abdur Razzak resigned from his post.Fearing that many party men can follow Razzak, Jamaat sent an urgent notice to its party leaders assuring them of forming a new organisation and explaining Razzak’s resignation and majlish-e-shura member Majibur Rahman’s expulsion.The decision of forming a new organisation was taken in a meeting of Jamaat’s executive council on 14 January, according to the notice sent to the party leaders.A top Jamaat leader said, another committee led by its central leader Hamidur Rahman was earlier formed after the party had lost its registration as a political party. But, that initiative did not see light, he added.In the letter, Jamaat also requested its leaders not to make any offensive remarks on Abdur Razzak.In the same letter it was mentioned that Majibur Rahman was not on the same page with the party on a number of issues, which was embarrassing. He could not be controlled in any way, it said.Majibur Rahman recently travelled different parts of the country and held talks with leaders of various tiers to form a new organisation. Many leaders, however, did not respond to his initiative.A former president of Chhatra Shibir, the student wing of Jamaat-e-Islami, told Prothom Alo that the statements of the notice are contradictory.On one hand Jamaat leaders are saying that they themselves have initiated a move to launch a new organisation. They have discussed the issue internally, but the leaders didn’t respond, he argued.Abdur Razzak in his resignation letter questioned the role of Jamaat during the Liberation War in 1971. Jamaat, however, has not formally given any reaction in this regard.Despite repeated efforts, Jamaat leaders were not available for comments.An observer and well wisher of Jamaat, former secretary Shah Abdul Hannan told Prothom Alo that Jamaat will seek apology again if needed. The party is working to launch a new party, he said.Abdur Razzak’s suggestion to dissolve Jamaat and launch a new party is being taken into consideration.When asked why Razzak resigned, Shah Abdul Hannan said, “Nobody told him that his suggestion was rejected. The matters were being discussed. He did not act in the right manner.”A section of Jamaat leaders said central leader Majibur Rahman was expelled from the party so that the reform proposal could not take any shape after the resignation of Abdur Razzak. Rumours have it that Jamaat ameer Mokbul Ahmad is unwilling to remain in the post.After such a report was published on a number of online portals, Jamaat central publicity secretary Tasneem Alam in a statement on Monday said no way the Jamaat ameer was resigning.last_img

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