Freak show comes to town

first_imgKryder, mysterious and anonymous, with his dwarf sidekick – the classically-trained Dokta Kaotika – and a circus freak show entourage is all set to hit the city on Saturday at Kitty Su. Kyoas Entertainment brings this out-of-the-box producer to the Capital to give the party people a taste of the epic Miami monster anthem. Tiesto signed Kryder’s track (K2) to his Musical Freedom label and played it consistently in his sets during his North American tour. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’K2 was successfully promoted during the Miami Winter Music Conference, receiving massive support from the likes of Swedish House Mafia, as one of the key WMC tracks. Kryder has a deep, underground edge; progressive house overlaid with trance chords. Millennium Post caught up with the man himself before he gets busy. Here are excerpts from the conversation…When did you start with this career? Tell us about yourself!It started a long time ago as a hobby and with a genuine passion for dance music, I then took to DJing when I was 12 , landing my first residency when I was 15 ! At 17 I took a diploma in music tech in London, At 20 years old I moved to Ibiza for a season. I’ve been involved in dance music most of my life. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixHow has the journey been? Tell us about the best and the worst times so far.Best times are obviously getting to travel around the world and do something I love, meeting new people , playing to amazing crowds , worst times are not  experiencing it without the people you love.How do you like the music scene in India?This will be my first time in India so its hard for me to comment on that but I’ve heard great things !What songs top your own playlist right now? Define your music philosophy for us. I really like high energy house music I’m currently hammering my new track Aphrodite which is coming out soon on Axwells Axtone Records, plus a remix on a track called H8rs made with Tom Staar which will be out soon on size records, It always goes down well.How has the party music scene changed from the time you started?It’s got a lot bigger maybe that’s because I’m seeing it in different countries now but it’s also gone full circle it started off very underground in warehouses , then moved into big clubs and festivals and now people are throwing warehouse parties again !Do you see a change in the music trend across the world? After EDM what do you think is going to be the next big thing in music?Let me look into my crystal balls….. haa hopefully the whole EDM explosion will open up the doors for people to explore more underground and up coming artists and support smaller independent record labels.Is this the first time you are performing here in India? What are you expecting from the crowds?Yes this is my first time and I’m really looking forward to it, a few of my friends have played in India and have only said great things about the scene over there, so I’m very excited.last_img

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