Rep LaFave votes in favor of right to carry legislation

first_img State Rep. Beau LaFave, of Iron Mountain, today voted on the House floor to support a four-bill package allowing law-abiding citizens to carry concealed pistols without a permit.“Legal gun owners shouldn’t be required to obtain special permission from the government to exercise a right guaranteed in both the state and federal constitutions,” LaFave said. “I’m proud to support this common-sense legislation, and I urge the Senate and Gov. Snyder to do the same so we can give law-abiding citizens back the fundamental right our Founding Fathers laid out in the Second Amendment.”The legislation does not give criminals more access to pistols, LaFave said, because it retains the current requirement that a background check be completed before a handgun purchase is made.Under the plan, the current CPL permitting structure will remain in place to allow Michigan residents an option to obtain a CPL to continue to carry and receive reciprocity in states that recognize Michigan’s permit. A CPL will also continue to allow people to carry openly in certain restricted zones.House Bills 4416-19 now move to the Senate for consideration.### 07Jun Rep. LaFave votes in favor of ‘right to carry’ legislation Categories: LaFave News,Newslast_img

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