Caring for Your Cars How to Keep Your Business Vehicles in Excellent

first_imgCaring for Your Cars: How to Keep Your Business Vehicles in Excellent Condition Twitter Tumblr Facebook on February 9, 2018 0 LinkedIn Share.center_img E-Headlines By CBN Pinterest Does your business depend on the smooth running of its vehicles? It doesn’t matter if you run a taxi firm, limousine agency or provide your staff with company cars, you will want your vehicles to stand the test of time. To ensure they do so, learn how to keep your business vehicles in excellent condition.Check and Change Your OilThere is nothing better for your engine than fresh oil and filter changes, as both will ensure its longevity. If you neglect the oil levels, you are ultimately neglecting your vehicle, so take the time to review the oil levels to ensure your car runs smooth day after day.Change the CoolantEnsure you flush the cooling system and change the coolant at least once a year. Prevent the development of corrosion or built-up deposits by adding a 50/50 mix of distilled water and coolant into the coolant system annually.Keep Your Vehicle CleanAppearance is everything in business. It is, therefore, essential to care for your vehicle’s aesthetics. Not only must you regularly wash the vehicle, including the underside, but you must also remove any overspray that could be damaging the look of your car. For example, National Overspray Removal can provide professional Overspray Removal services to successfully remove contaminants from your car, such as fire soot, oil, vandalism, epoxy, paint and more. Your cars will look as good as new.A Coat of Quality WaxOnce your car looks as good as new, ensure it remains in the same condition by applying a quality wax onto the vehicle. It will keep the paint looking great and will protect the car’s aesthetics. Consider applying wax every six months to ensure your vehicles continually complement the professionalism of your brand and services.Park in the ShadeThe interior plastic can easily experience damage from natural sunlight. Protect your vehicle by always parking in the shade. It might also be beneficial to use a window deflector screen or a UV protectant, which will stop both the plastic and vinyl from drying out.Replace Brake Fluid and Bleed SystemDid you know that brake fluid is hygroscopic, so it naturally attracts moisture? As a result, this unwanted moisture will cause your vehicle’s components to, unfortunately, corrode and fail. For this reason, you must replace both the fluid and bleed system annually. Calipers, sensors and hoses can be a little expensive, but brake fluid is an affordable product you must buy for your car.Routinely Inspect the Wheel BearingsConfirm your cars are in good working condition by routinely inspecting the wheel bearings, which might need to be cleaned and repacked with wheel bearing grease. You can guarantee both the wheel bearings and grease will be much cheaper than a hub or spindle replacement – and it will ensure the wheel doesn’t roll down the road ahead of the driver! Remember, you have a responsibility to both your company and staff to ensure every car is fit for purpose. Google+ Emaillast_img

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