Penn Relays to honour Dyke

first_imgEDWIN Allen High’s girls’ track and field head coach, Michael Dyke, will have added motivation when he attends the 123rd staging of the Penn Relays next week in Franklin Field, Pennsylvania. Dyke will become the latest local coach to be recognised for his team’s outstanding performances at the relay carnival as he will be the 2017 high school girls Penn Relays honorary referee. “On Monday I got a call from Dave Johnson, the high school co-ordinator of the carnival, informing me that I will be the honorary girls’ coach referee. “When I got the call at first I was a bit nervous wondering if something had gone wrong with my entries,” said Dyke. “However, when I got the news I was elated knowing that my hard work and sacrifice have paid off and this is an honour for me and I appreciate this.” Since making his first visit with coach of Edwin Allen in 1995, Dyke’s team have landed 15 Championships of America Relay wins. This includes five each in the 4x100m, 4x400m and 4x800m. In addition, athletes from his teams have also landed several individual titles in the long jump, high jump, discus throw and 400m hurdles. Olympian Ristananna Tracy still holds the record in the latter event when she did 56.17 seconds in 2011. Another Edwin Allen standout, Sherene Pinnock, has the seconbd fastest time, 56.90, in 2006.last_img read more

Pepper Spray Sends Sando Moore to Hospital

first_imgMr. Sando Moore, the publisher of The Images monthly magazine, who was one of the victims pepper sprayed by unidentified police officers, has been admitted at a local Chinese Clinic in Monrovia.Mr. Moore, who was on assignment to cover the Liberia/Togo crucial encounter on Sunday June 5, told journalists right after the incident that he would sue the Liberia National Police for its action.The incident occurred at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium when chaotic arrangements by sports officials forced police officers to pepper spray soccer fans, with many fainting and being attended to by medical staff on the field.Prince Mulbah, deputy director for operations at the Liberia National Police told journalists at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium that there were issues outside the stadium with soccer fans and the police was dealing with it.He could not explain how inside the stadium proper, where food is sold, got pepper sprayed. He also blamed the handlers for poor tickets handling; for selling more tickets than the stadium could contain.However, LFA President Musa Bility said tickets were resold by those responsible to manage them.Prince Mulbah was not specific as to why fans were pepper sprayed and said on several radio networks that everything was being done to put the situation under control.Meanwhile, after coughing with tears in his eyes, Mr. Moore threatened to sue the police because being a diabetic, the pepper spray increases his chances of suffering from his condition, which eventually sent him to a local Chinese Clinic.In a telephone interview on Saturday after he had returned home, Moore said he was getting better; and on his facebook page, he asked his friends to pray for his recovery.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

GTT launches Blaze in Parfaite Harmonie

first_imgOver 3000 residents in the Parfait Harmonie Housing Scheme on the West Bank of Demerara is all set to benefit from high speed internet service as GTT officially launches its Blaze high-speed internet service in the Scheme.Residents signing up for Blaze Service on SaturdayAccording to GTT’s Region Three Manager, the launch is a two-day event with them offering same day installation to the customers who sign up.Following that, they would have to complete the application and awaiting installation on an appointment basis. Additionally, the Manager said they are targeting the Tuschen Housing Scheme, East Bank Essequibo, with that launch expected by the end of the year.Meanwhile, Parfaite Harmonie residents expressed their satisfaction with the decision to introduce the service.Blaze is the upgraded version of GTT’s DSL service. It offers faster internet speeds, improved streaming and easier connectivity. GTT introduced the Blaze service almost a year ago and offers three options- Blaze Ignite, Blaze Flaming and Blaze Inferno. “Blaze Ignite” – customers will be able to access Internet speed at five megabytes per second, “Blaze Flaming” users will access Internet with the speed of 20 megabytes per second and “Blaze Inferno” users, 50 megabytes per second.last_img read more

Driver in fatal accident released on $500,000 bail

first_imgA Corentyne driver was on Tuesday charged and released on $500,000 bail by Magistrate Rabindranauth Singh when he appeared at the Blairmont Magistrate’s Court for causing the death of a 7-year-old schoolboy.The accident scene and the now-dead Nirfan Nezamdeen with his sisterRamesh Sewlall, 21, of Lot 53 Bushlot Farm, Corentyne, was not required to plead to the indictable charge which stated that on November 27, 2019, he drove motor car PPP 7721 in a manner dangerous to the public, thereby causing the death of Nirfan Nezamodeen.Nezamodeen, a student of the Latchmansingh Primary School, was fatally struck by the speeding motorcar, while his sister, Asriya Nezamodeen, 8, his mother, Ameena Diaram, 25, and 45-year-old Parvatie Babulall were critically injured.It was reported that Diaram went to collect her two children from school and was standing in the corner along with Babulall, her child, and others when they were struck by a speeding car.Little Nezamodeen was reportedly dragged for some distance and ended up under the vehicle.It was further reported that the car was driving at a fast rate when it suddenly swerved from the southern side of the road to the northern side.The car came to a halt partly submerged in a trench. The lad was pulled from under the bumper and was rushed to the Fort Wellington Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.On the other hand, Babulall’s daughter, Tahera Kublall, 8, and Alyana Arokium, also 8, were admitted as patients at the Fort Wellington Hospital. They were subsequently discharged.last_img read more

CANU rank fired for placing illegal substance in passenger’s luggage at CJIA

first_img…incident caught on videoThe spotlight has once again been placed on the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU), this time for one of its ranks placing an illegal substance in the bag of a female passenger at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) earlier this week.On Friday, CANU stated that it was in receipt of the video circulating on social media, which displayed law enforcement officers conducting themselves “in an unprofessional manner”.As such, an investigation was launched into the matter, and the agency confirmed that one of the ranks is an employee of CANU and that there was a serious breach of CANU’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).According to CANU, consequent to the findings of the investigation, recommendations for the immediate dismissal of the officer in question have been forwarded to the Ministry of Public Security.“CANU strives at all times to operate professionally with a high level of integrity and all officers are afforded the necessary training to perform their duties in accordance with the Unit’s SOPs and are encouraged to maintain the expected standard of integrity.  Therefore, any officer found with conduct inimical to the Unit’ policies, will be dealt with condignly,” the release stated.However, CANU noted that the conduct of the officer in question “does not reflect what the Unit stands for and should not be used as an indicator of the conduct of the many hardworking and professional Officers of the Unit who daily perform their duties with a high level of integrity”.Earlier this week, a video was posted to social media by a female passenger, loudly denying being in the possession of any illegal substance.In the video, the CANU rank was pleading with the female passenger to speak to him in a quiet tone and to desist from recording the incident. However, the woman insisted that she speak with his supervisor. However, the CANU rank instead asked the woman to return to her seat and not speak to his supervisor about the matter.Shortly after, the female passenger posted the video on her social media account and alleged that the CANU rank had a small plastic bag with what appeared to be an illegal substance that he claimed he found in her bag.However, it was when she started questioning him and proceeded to video record his actions and responses, he apparently panicked and let her return to her seat to await her flight.Less than six months ago, in the month of April, a United States-based woman alleged that she was asked to strip naked and squat by officers at CANU.Ayana Adams, who is Guyanese by birth and a US citizen, was in the process of returning to New York on a Caribbean Airlines flight after vacationing in her homeland.At that time, her lawyer, Siand Dhurjon, told the media that his client had been told that she would have to undergo a “thorough scan”.“…and that she needed to take off her clothes. She protested, of course. And she asked what the problem is. And they said it’s just procedure”.He had related that she reluctantly took off her jump suit, leaving just her bra and underwear. The Attorney said that the agents were not satisfied, demanding that she take off all her clothes, squat and cough as they needed to check “her abdomen and her guts”.“She protested and said she wanted to see the supervisor. And then some man came and said this is the procedure. And this is what you’ll have to do, or else we will have to take you to go and do an X-Ray”.Dhurjon explained that his client’s reason for not wanting to squat was because she was experiencing her menstrual cycle, a fact that was explained to the CANU officers to no avail. He said they insisted on her going through the procedure.last_img read more

GECOM on track with elections readiness – Commissioner

first_img…urges Finance Minister to release funds in timely mannerAs 2019 comes to an end, Commissioners of the Guyana Elections Commission on Friday met with President David Granger to brief him on their state of preparedness, where funding for the polls was also put on the frontline.Finance Minister Winston JordanSome $8 billion was approved for the hosting of elections— to which a large fraction still remains unused.After leaving the Ministry of the Presidency, Opposition-nominated Commissioner Bibi Shadick explained that GECOM is on track with activities leading up to the March 2020 polls. She further went on to say that the Secretariat has sufficient funding for the entire process.“Just to ensure whether we’re on track with elections and we are. We have money but we just wanted to make sure that the Finance Minister will give the money when we ask for it in a timely manner,” she positioned.PPP-nominated GECOM Commissioner Bibi ShadickNevertheless, Government-nominated Commissioner Vincent Alexander acknowledged that the availability of these resources will not be an issue.“We’re advised by the executives that that should not be a problem,” he told the media shortly after the engagement.Opposition-nominated Commissioner Robeson Benn added that mechanisms would be installed to ensure that the process for disbursing the monies will be done expeditiously when signalled by GECOM.“He (the President) was basically assured that we’re on line. There was the question of money. It was pointed out that the money should be available in any event and requests for any approvals through the Ministry of Finance should be dealt with expeditiously,” Benn informed.For this meeting, a plethora of senior Government ministers would have attended to hear the preparedness of GECOM and areas which were of concerns. But Finance Minister Winston Jordan, whose Ministry is responsible for supplying the resources, was absent.PPP-nominated Commissioner Robeson BennVoters’ listOn the issue of finalising the voters’ list, the Commissioners insisted that the Secretariat will continue to meet until there is a final decision. So far, officials of GECOM would have been meeting for several weeks with the hopes of reaching a consensus.“We have had not a detrimental delay, but some delays in terms of finalising the material for the revised list of voters. In an attempt to deal with that matter, we are meeting as necessary so we met today (Friday) and we’ll meet tomorrow,” Commissioner Alexander shared.Earlier this week, it was announced that over 6500 persons of the 16,863 ‘new’ registrants were not confirmed during the five-day field verification exercise which concluded last Sunday.Figures released to the media on Monday show that Region Four (Demerara-Mahaica) had the highest number of unconfirmed persons, which tallied to 3657.According to GECOM, there were 16,863 ‘new’ registrants but only 10,329 were confirmed.Opposition-nominated Commissioner told this publication last week that field officers who conducted the verification exercise of “new registrants” captured during the scrapped House-to-House (H2H) Registration process have found empty lots at the addresses on record for those persons.He told <<< Guyana Times >>> that they were informed by the party’s scrutineers who worked along with the GECOM staff during the exercise that there were instances where they went to the addresses to verify the names and were met with empty lots.Benn indicated that the Commission had a meeting on Monday and they were updated on the five-day verification exercise. However, he said the information provided was not “very helpful”.Some 370,000 registrations obtained during the scrapped $3 billion H2H exercise, which ran from July 20 to August and was objected to by the Opposition, were sent overseas to be cross-matched with the National Register of Registrants Database (NRRD) in order to filter out the duplicates.However, it was recently reported that international digital security company, Gemalto, indicated that some 37,300 were new registrants who are eligible for voting, that is, they are above the age of 18. But an internal check conducted by GECOM showed that approximately 17,000 of those “new registrants” were already on the voters’ list and some even voted in the past.The remaining “new names” were up for further verification. Recently, it was reported that the Government-nominated Commissioners were pushing to have a sample survey done from a sample size of 10 per cent from the 20,000 to verify these new names before they go on the voters’ list – a process which the PPP Opposition had objected to.Last week, GECOM Chair Retired Justice Claudette Singh cast a tie-breaking vote to have a field verification exercise of all names listed as new registrants.last_img read more

Inaugural British Columbia Natural Resources Survey

first_img“BC’s inaugural Natural Resources Survey gives all British Columbian’s a chance to weigh in on the sectors that power our provincial economy,” said Litwin. “Some sectors are facing headwinds, no doubt, but we have a chance to make courageous, innovative decisions today about how these sectors will power our future prosperity tomorrow. No matter where you hail from in BC, this survey takes stock of people’s perceptions when it comes to natural resources, their assessment of the obstacles holding sectors back and their ideas for a quantum leap, sustainable growth.”Advertisement This survey, hosted on the platform, is a joint effort by C3 Alliance Corp. (the organization that runs the BC Natural Resources Forum each year in Prince George), the BC Chamber of Commerce, and research company Abacus Data. Advertisement VANCOUVER, B.C. – A first of it’s kind Natural Resources Survey is currently underway to gather a baseline of information of today’s forestry, mining, energy, agriculture and other natural resource fields. The surveyors desired participation goal is to exceed more than a thousand respondents and they would like to see a strong representation of rural and urban respondents. The BC Natural Resources Forum will be held at the Prince George Civic & Convention Centre from Jan. 28-30, 2020. The survey takes about 10 minutes to fill out on-line and will help to provide important data that will help give provide clarity for the current state of resource sectors yet also provide a basis for comparison for future surveys and identifying trends. – Advertisement -The questions were drafted by a steering committee of industry leaders from across the different natural resources sectors and then refined by the research experts at Abacus Data. center_img “Whether you work on the front lines in forestry, gas, or mining, or are far removed from resource sectors in a downtown high-rise or a suburban retail shop—this survey is for you,” said C3 Alliance Corp.’s President and CEO Sarah Weber.  Results will be unveiled at the BC Natural Resources Forum this January 2020.   The survey is open to anyone who lives in a community connected to natural resource industries in British Columbia.  “If you’re living in the north – your voice needs to be heard,” said Val Litwin, President and CEO of the BC Chamber of Commerce. “Northerners appreciate more than most that even if you aren’t working directly in the resource sector the prosperity of your community and family is connected to it.” To access the survey; CLICK HERElast_img read more


first_imgThe lead runners at the strat of the Lifford 5K Road Race.Pic.: Gary FoyA huge crowd took to the streets of Lifford today for the final race in the Dalys XL Spring 3 Race Series organised by the Lifford club.Over 370 runners, walkers and joggers turned out for Lifford’s biggest ever 5K race and follows on from two successful races held in St Johnston and Raphoe in recent weeks.The overnight frost forced a last minute change of course to the traditional 3 lap route of the town, but with the large crowds, the atmosphere was electric which spurred many athletes on to personal best performances. Winner on the day was Paul Barbour in a time of 15.28, and with back to back victories in St Johnston and Raphoe, the Omagh Harriers athlete lifted the overall Series Trophy. Likewise, Lifford AC’s Claire McGuigan followed up her victories in St Johnston and Raphoe with another win in Lifford, posting a new personal best time to claim the Series title for the second year in a row.The Lifford club would like to thank everyone who turned out to support the Series over the past number of weeks making it a resounding success yet again. Thanks are also due to all the marshalls, those who made and served refreshments, helped out with registrations, and to everyone who turned out over the past number of days to move equipment and carry out works at the clubhouse.Thanks also to Pat Carlin for providing First Aid and for his professionalism at each of the three races. Thanks to Donegal County Council for making parking available and to Cllr Gerry Crawford for starting the race and for arranging road repairs during the week. Thanks to Sean Dudgeon and JD Print for the design of the race T-Shirts. Finally, a huge debt of gratitude and thanks to Liam Daly of Dalys XL Supermarket in Lifford for his continued sponsorship of the SeriesPlace Name Team Bib No Gun Time Gender Category 1 Paul Barbour Omagh Harriers AC 7 15:28 M Senior2 Gerard Gallagher Finn Valley AC 485 15:44 M Senior3 Martin Cox Project Africa Athletics 67 15:59 M Senior4 Matt Doherty Derry City Track Club 114 16:23 M Junior5 Cathal McLaughlin Derry City Track Club 335 16:30 M V2 6 Pierce McCullagh Sperrin Harriers AC 289 16:37 M Senior7 Ciaran Collins Project Africa Athletics 63 16:39 M Senior8 Mark Mullan City of Derry Spartans AC 370 16:42 M Senior9 Mark McBrearty Lifford AC 257 16:58 M Senior 10 Paul Kelly Lifford AC 221 17:03 M Senior11 Darragh Crossan Derry City Track Club 84 17:09 M Senior12 Kieran Mc Elhinney Raphoe Road Runners 296 17:26 M Senior13 Seamus O’Donnell Convoy AC 395 17:28 M V114 Bill Duncan Lifford AC 131 17:34 M V215 Paul Coyle Strabane Lifford Cycling Club 71 17:34 M Senior16 Eddie Kelly Lifford AC 215 17:36 M V217 Conor Mc Cullagh DCTC 286 17:46 M Senior18 Mark Diver Letterkenny AC 104 17:48 M Senior19 Alan McGinley Lifford AC 573 17:59 M Junior20 Russell Porter 409 18:03 M Senior21 Seanie Meyler Omagh Harriers AC 492 18:14 M V222 Kenny Melaugh Healthy Bon Fitness 359 18:15 M Senior23 Paul Dillon 102 18:16 M V124 Robert Bigger Derry City Track Club 15 18:16 M V425 Conor McGinley Lifford AC 574 18:18 M U1626 Jason Ferguson 560 18:19 M Senior27 Claire Mc Guigan Lifford AC 324 18:21 F Senior28 Vincent Hollywood Greencastle AC 568 18:23 M V229 Paul Coyle Foyle Valley AC 70 18:23 M Senior30 Conor Mc Laughlin Lifford AC 337 18:31 M Senior31 Barry Gallagher Finn Valley AC 148 18:34 M Senior32 Shane Gallagher Finn Valley AC 161 18:35 M Senior33 Ciaran Brolly 36 18:36 M Senior34 Niall Elliott Lifford AC 139 18:40 M U1635 Gary Gallagher Lifford AC 150 18:41 M V136 Kevin McMenamin Lifford AC 340 18:43 M Senior37 James Stevenson Lifford AC 432 18:49 M Senior38 Shaun Crossan Kickboxing LK 561 19:01 M Senior39 Daniel Duggan Lifford AC 130 19:06 M Senior40 Martin Dunleavy Foyle Valley AC 135 19:10 M V241 Malcolm McCausland Derry City Track Club 268 19:17 M V542 Gemma McGinty Foyle Valley AC 498 19:24 F Senior43 Michael McGrinder 585 19:30 M Senior44 Martin McIvor Omagh Harriers AC 493 19:31 M Senior45 Jamie Gallagher 153 19:37 M Senior46 Kevin Greenan Letterkenny AC 180 19:38 M V447 Hugh Kelly Killygordon Kickboxing 216 19:40 M Senior48 Gerard Browne 592 19:40 M Senior49 Barry Mackey Letterkenny AC 240 19:42 M V350 John Coyle Fit4Life Lifford AC 69 19:42 M V251 Brian Bradley Sperrin Harriers AC 569 19:44 M V352 Chris McCarron Lifford AC 266 19:44 M Senior53 Seamus McCallion Foyle Valley AC 264 19:48 M V454 Joe McNulty Lifford AC 348 19:51 M V155 Sean Molloy Finn Valley AC 362 19:53 M V156 Graeme Colhoun Allstate 59 19:56 M Senior57 Michael Chambers 53 20:00 M Senior58 David McNulty Lifford AC 344 20:01 M Senior59 Paul Connolly Allstate 65 20:06 M Senior60 Dominic Devine Clann na nGael GAC 100 20:07 M Senior61 Fionntan Moore Lifford AC 463 20:08 M U1662 Raymond Hoynes Lifford AC 200 20:09 M V163 Shaun Boyce 23 20:11 M V164 Gerard Mc Connell 278 20:12 M Senior65 Garrett McCarron Lifford AC 267 20:13 M Senior66 Damien Moore Lifford AC 366 20:13 M V267 Oliver Barrett Lifford AC 10 20:18 M Senior68 Michael Duncan Lifford AC 133 20:19 M V369 Jack Quinn 625 20:23 M Senior70 Mark McCurdy 571 20:24 M U1671 Ruairi McLaughlin 557 20:28 M Senior72 Eamon Connolly 627 20:32 M Senior73 Declan Mc Aleer Fit4Life Lifford AC 251 20:35 M V274 James Donaghey 119 20:36 M V275 Richie Duncan Castlefinn Running Club 134 20:36 M V176 Stephen Duffy 128 20:36 M Senior77 Damian Murphy Raphoe Road Runners 378 20:38 M Senior78 Hannah McGowan Derry City Track Club 313 20:38 F Senior79 Liam Cleary Lifford AC 58 20:44 M V180 John Kelly Convoy AC 218 20:46 M V181 Orla Moran Foyle Valley AC 563 20:47 F V182 Ita Kelly Lifford AC 217 20:49 F V183 Fearghal Mac Lochlainn 239 20:50 M V184 Bobby Collins Project Africa Athletic Club 62 20:51 M V485 Karen Gallagher Lifford AC 154 20:55 F Junior86 Masoud Baghi 499 20:56 M V287 Stephen Long Convoy AC 235 21:00 M Senior88 John Mailey Convoy AC 247 21:00 M Senior89 Paul Lee 556 21:01 M V290 Ciaran O’Kane Clann na nGael GAC 400 21:02 M Senior91 Gary Neely Swanlings 381 21:03 M Senior92 Michael Ward Omagh Harriers AC 494 21:04 M V293 Paul Duddy 123 21:07 M V394 Joshua McGlinchey 629 21:08 M U1695 Pádraig Mag Lonsigh Lifford AC 242 21:09 M V396 Anthony Murray 379 21:09 M V597 Stephen McCay Lifford AC 270 21:10 M Senior98 Adrian Devine Castlefinn Running Club 99 21:11 M Senior99 James Laird Castlefinn Running Club 471 21:12 M Senior100 Andrew Leighton Convoy AC 231 21:15 M V2101 Paul McNamee Lifford AC 342 21:17 M V3102 Anthony Kelly 214 21:19 M Senior103 Annalisa Mullan Bolt Running Club 369 21:21 F Senior104 Michael Roulstone Lifford AC 419 21:22 M V5105 Ivor Russell 422 21:23 M Senior106 Aidan Kelly Swanlings 213 21:24 M Senior107 Richard Raymond Letterkenny AC 412 21:27 M V5108 Kevin Gallagher 155 21:30 M V1109 Sean Carlin 474 21:34 M V2110 Ton Bangert Fit4Life Lifford AC 6 21:36 M V5111 Leoni Mullen Lifford AC 373 21:37 F Senior112 Adrian Marsh 249 21:38 M V1113 Gerard Crawford Lifford AC 78 21:38 M V1114 Peter Gallagher 159 21:40 M Senior115 Pearce Canning 47 21:40 M Senior116 Charlie McElwaine Lifford AC 297 21:47 M U16117 William Freney Raphoe Running Club 143 21:47 M V1118 Liam Maguire Lifford AC 500 21:48 M V1119 Laura Coyle Lifford AC 593 21:50 F Senior120 Declan Barr 8 21:51 M Senior121 Shaun O’Donnell Lifford AC 396 21:51 M V3122 Angus Hunter Letterkenny Cycling Club 202 21:52 M V3123 Henrietta Elves Inishowen AC 140 21:52 F V1124 Patrick Sweeney Lifford AC 439 21:53 M U16125 Barry McArdle Lifford AC 252 21:54 M V1126 Wilson Craig Lifford AC 76 21:58 M U16127 Mark Glenn Convoy AC 562 21:58 M Senior128 Damien Monaghan Lifford AC 364 22:00 M V1129 Roy Hunter 204 22:03 M V3130 Barry Smith Foyle Valley AC 489 22:04 M Senior131 Catherine Moran Foyle Valley AC 564 22:05 F V4132 Lisa McGuigan Foyle Valley AC 488 22:05 F Senior133 Eamonn Diver 103 22:10 M V2134 Ciaran Doherty United Health Group 107 22:14 M Senior135 Ronan Gallen 165 22:14 M Senior136 Noel Moore 367 22:15 M Senior137 Amanda Monaghan Lifford AC 363 22:17 F V1138 Dessie Mc Ginty 310 22:18 M V3139 Trish McClintock Foyle Valley AC 273 22:18 F Senior140 Brian McMullin 602 22:21 M V2141 Declan Carlin 632 22:24 M V1142 Mary Connolly 626 22:30 F Senior143 Iggy Houston Lifford AC 196 22:32 M V2144 Deborah Conroy Lifford AC 66 22:32 F Senior145 Rajesh Meehan Raphoe Running Club 357 22:35 M V1146 Don Smith Convoy AC 426 22:36 M V4147 Jacqui Timoney Lifford AC 444 22:38 F Senior148 Eugene Mc Ginley Raphoe Road Runners 307 22:41 M V3149 Fintan Carlin Lifford AC 49 22:45 M U16150 Terence Quinn Raphoe Running Club 411 22:46 M V3151 Damian Doherty 624 22:46 M Senior152 Linda Emery Aghyaran Road Racers 141 22:48 F V1153 William Doherty Owen Roes GAC 116 22:50 M V1154 Paddy McDaid Fit4Life Lifford AC 487 22:53 M V2155 Ciaran McHugh 328 22:54 M Senior156 Stephen Lafferty 586 22:55 M Senior157 Noel McNulty 350 22:59 M V4158 Lynn Parke Convoy AC 403 22:59 F Senior159 Amanda McBrearty Castlefinn Running Club 255 22:59 F Senior160 Seamus Gallen 603 23:00 M V2161 Aileen McCullagh Convoy AC 285 23:00 F Senior162 John McElwaine Lifford AC 298 23:02 M Senior163 Carl Houston Castlefinn Running Club 195 23:03 M V3164 Trevor McGlynn Lifford AC 311 23:05 M Senior165 Mel McKinney 465 23:06 M V1166 Wesley Mc Kane Finn Valley AC 332 23:07 M Senior167 Ursula Coyle Fit4Life Lifford AC 72 23:10 F V2168 Katy McGillian 306 23:16 F Junior169 Stephen Crawford Lifford AC 82 23:17 M Senior170 Carmel Hoynes Lifford AC 199 23:26 F V1171 Gary Mc Mackin 339 23:28 M Senior172 Gloria Donaghey Finn Valley AC 118 23:30 F V4173 Tommy Doherty 558 23:33 M V3174 Kevin Heffernan Fit4Life Lifford AC 189 23:43 M V2175 Liam Daly Lifford AC 94 23:45 M V3176 Shane McCarney Fintona Pearses GAC 265 23:47 M Senior177 Carmel McBride KCR 497 23:49 F V1178 Stephen McCrory 281 23:49 M V1179 Gemma Lynch 623 23:52 F Junior180 Mel Boyle 587 23:53 M V1181 Claire Keys Lifford AC 224 23:55 F Senior182 Kieran Coyne 579 23:56 M Senior183 Frances Birch 16 23:57 F Senior184 Hayleigh Ferry 142 24:00 F Senior185 Aidan McGrath 318 24:01 M V1186 Joseph Deans 617 24:01 M Senior187 Ann Marie McHugh 327 24:03 F Senior188 Irene McNulty Convoy AC 345 24:04 F V1189 John Craig Lifford AC 74 24:04 M Senior190 Dee Griffin Convoy AC 183 24:05 F V2191 Sinead McConnell Castlefinn Running Club 279 24:06 F V2192 Elaine McGoldrick Castlefinn Running Club 312 24:07 F Senior193 Joanne Campbell Finn Valley Fit4Life 496 24:08 F V2194 Jonathan Sproule 430 24:12 M Senior195 Rachel Friel Lifford AC 554 24:12 F Senior196 Michael Friel Lifford AC 144 24:13 M V2197 Michael Mc Curdy Fit4Life Lifford AC 291 24:16 M V1198 Barry Porter 407 24:17 M Senior199 Melanie Sweeney Castlefinn Running Club 437 24:17 F Senior200 Katie Shanahan 590 24:19 F Senior201 Noreen Pinder 567 24:25 F V2202 Paddy Gallagher Lifford AC 158 24:25 M V1203 Martina Ward 615 24:25 F V3204 Joey O’Leary 634 24:26 M V1205 Mary Martin Finn Valley AC 250 24:28 F V5206 Rachel Bell Raphoe Road Runners 14 24:32 F Senior207 Marie McColgan Finn Valley Fit for Life 275 24:34 F V2208 Paul Griffin Lifford AC 467 24:37 M V2209 Sharon Carlin Lifford AC 52 24:38 F V2210 Gerard Myers 595 24:40 M V1211 Caroline McNulty Finn Valley AC 495 24:47 F Senior212 James McCrossan Lifford AC 282 24:49 M Senior213 Eireann Gallen 604 24:54 M U16214 Clare Molloy 361 24:54 F Senior215 Angela Doran 122 24:54 F V1216 Alan Redstone 413 24:55 M V1217 Mary Doherty Convoy AC 113 24:55 F Senior218 Laura Whiteduncan Castlefinn Running Club 453 24:57 F Senior219 Wanda Pattonq 616 24:59 F Senior220 Nigel McGillion 480 25:05 M V3221 Breda O’Hagan 594 25:08 F V2222 Liam Tourish 633 25:12 M V3223 Sean Bonner Convoy AC 22 25:14 M V3224 Neil Meehan Lifford AC 356 25:15 M V3225 Gabby Babin 461 25:18 F Junior226 Rosemary Bogle Finn Valley AC 565 25:18 F V3227 Glenda Kelly KCR 578 25:19 F Senior228 David Meehan Lifford AC 353 25:20 M Senior229 Christopher Burns 618 25:22 M Senior230 Mairead McKinney 620 25:23 F V1231 Bernie Martin KCR 576 25:26 F V3232 Gaynor Hindley Aghyaran Road Racers 193 25:29 F V1233 Olivia Cuskelly Lifford AC 92 25:29 F U16234 Mark Gildea RunForFun 566 25:30 M Senior235 Maura Sweeney 436 25:33 F U16236 Roisin Kerrigan Lifford AC 223 25:34 F V1237 Caitlin McLaughlin Lifford AC 572 25:36 F U16238 Joe Breslin Fit4Life Lifford AC 30 25:40 M V3239 Melissa Roberts 418 25:41 F Senior240 Sean Gormley 589 25:41 M Senior241 Oonagh McGuigan 479 25:43 F V1242 John Mc Brearty 256 25:46 M Senior243 Jeffrey Crawford 79 25:49 M Senior244 Clare Elliott Lifford AC 138 25:51 F Senior245 Lisa Kilpatrick Raphoe Road Runners 486 25:53 F Senior246 Alan Mailey Convoy AC 246 25:55 M Senior247 Rhonda Porter Lifford AC 408 25:56 F Senior248 Jarlath McNulty 347 25:57 M V3249 Kathy McBeth Lifford AC 254 25:58 F Senior250 Christine McNulty Lifford AC 343 25:58 F V1251 Andrea McGavigan Fit4Life Lifford AC 303 26:01 F V1252 Sinead Craig Lifford AC 75 26:05 F Senior253 Lorraine McGrinder Fit4Life Lifford AC 321 26:05 F V1254 Hayley Mc Intyre 331 26:06 F Senior255 Louise Mc Cullagh 287 26:08 F Senior256 Sinead O’Connor Fit4Life Lifford AC 462 26:16 F Senior257 Mark Donaghey Lifford AC 120 26:16 M V1258 Marjan Bangert Fit4Life Lifford AC 5 26:23 F V5259 Paddy Cheevers 599 26:25 M V4260 Eamon McConnell Castlefinn Running Club 277 26:26 M V2261 Bernie McGuire 635 26:27 F V1262 Jackie Ireland Letterkenny AC 207 26:32 F V4263 Marie Gibson Letterkenny AC 168 26:34 F V3264 Barry Mc Guigan 323 26:37 M Senior265 Sarah Barrett Lifford AC 11 26:37 F Senior266 Darren Reid Lifford AC 414 26:38 M V1267 Caroline Connolly Fit4Life Lifford AC 466 26:39 F Senior268 Courtney Browne 38 26:40 F Junior269 Olivia Cuskelly Lifford AC 91 26:42 F Senior270 Yvonne Cairns Lifford AC 43 26:44 F V2271 Gerry Burke 484 26:46 M V4272 Mandy Hume 201 26:47 F V1273 Mary Bonnar 20 26:48 F V3274 Clement Clarke Lifford AC 54 26:51 M V4275 Martin Rouse Lifford AC 420 26:54 M Senior276 Andrena McGlinchey Castlefinn Running Club 470 26:55 F Senior277 Natasha White Castlefinn Running Club 469 27:01 F Senior278 Rhonda Green Lifford AC 179 27:04 F V1279 Stephen Barrett 588 27:04 M Senior280 Colette Callaghan KCR 575 27:04 F Senior281 Caroline McCurdy Lifford AC 290 27:07 F V2282 Mary Harper Convoy AC 186 27:08 F V2283 Kay Bonner Convoy AC 21 27:08 F V3284 Sarah Hunter Drumoghill Running Club 205 27:12 F V3285 Karen Carlin Fit4Life Lifford AC 50 27:13 F V1286 Ceejay Griffin Convoy AC 182 27:21 F Junior287 Seamus Falls 584 27:26 M V2288 Pete Mackey Allstate 241 27:32 M Senior289 Kathleeen Craig 622 27:32 F Junior290 Vanessa Farnan 591 27:34 F Senior291 Debbie Deans Lifford AC 95 27:36 F Senior292 John Eaton 137 27:37 M Senior293 Gabriel Clarke Fit4Life Lifford AC 55 27:45 M V4294 Carmel Brindle Fit4Life Lifford AC 34 27:46 F V1295 Jimmy Gallagher St Johnston Men on the Move 151 27:48 M V1296 Sean Meehan 358 27:52 M U16297 Aiden Gallen 163 27:54 M U16298 Sam Judge 597 27:54 M V5299 Anne Donnell Lifford AC 121 27:57 F V2300 Tara McFadden 300 27:57 F Senior301 Oliver Gallagher St Johnston Men on the Move 157 27:58 M V2302 Hannah Carlin 476 27:58 F U16303 Brian Carlin 478 27:59 M V1304 Hazel Long Raphoe Running Club 234 28:05 F Senior305 Louise Goudie Raphoe Running Club 173 28:05 F Senior306 Kevin Johnston 598 28:07 M Senior307 Maeve Doherty Lifford AC 112 28:16 F Senior308 Mairead McGranaghan Convoy AC 317 28:21 F Senior309 John McGranaghan 316 28:21 M Senior310 Mary McGranaghan Raphoe Road Runners 555 28:24 F V2311 Tanya Hall Convoy AC 184 28:37 F Senior312 Mary McLaughlin 338 28:39 F V1313 Nuala Allen Raphoe Road Runners 2 28:40 F V1314 John Kelly 219 28:53 M V4315 Grainne Rice Fit4Life Lifford AC 415 28:57 F V1316 Marie Gallagher Finn Vallley AC 570 28:57 F Senior317 Jason Peoples 559 29:00 M Senior318 Kevin McHugh Aghyaran Road Runers 582 29:12 M V5319 Chloe McCosker 280 29:13 F Junior320 Louise Mailey Convoy AC 248 29:17 F Senior321 Sarah Gillen Convoy Running Club 481 29:17 F Senior322 Aoife Nig Loinsigh 385 29:24 F Junior323 Chloe Peoples 405 29:25 F Senior324 Catherine Gilligan Drumoghill Running Club 170 29:37 F V3325 Emma Conaghan Castlefinn Running Club 64 29:49 F Senior326 Loretta McNulty 619 30:08 F Senior327 Fionnuala McBride 631 30:09 F V1328 Michelle McShane 621 30:11 F Senior329 Nicola Kee KCR 577 30:19 F V1330 Mairead Browne Lifford AC 39 30:20 F V2331 Roshanak Baghi 3 30:27 F Junior332 Darragh O Dalaigh 459 30:44 M U16333 Alistair Jamieson 208 31:02 M Senior334 Anna McGavigan Lifford AC 490 31:12 F U16335 Kate Mullen Fit4Life Lifford AC 372 31:15 F V2336 Emily Carlin 477 31:38 F U16337 Joanne Carlin 475 31:38 F Senior338 Ann Strain Convoy AC 433 31:46 F V2339 Louise O Dalaigh 458 31:47 F V1340 Martin Dolan 583 31:50 M V3341 Brian Lowry 236 32:08 M Senior342 Tracey McMenamin Aghyaran Road Runners 482 32:12 F Senior343 Roisin Crawford Drumoghill Running Club 81 32:27 F Senior344 Michelle Houston Fit4Life Lifford AC 483 32:45 F Senior345 Yvonne McGarvey 302 32:46 F V3346 Diane Hetherington Convoy AC 190 33:02 F Senior347 Josephine Wilson Drumoghill Running Club 456 33:22 F Senior348 Jonathon Wilson Drumoghill Running Club 455 33:22 M Senior349 Lauren McGrath Lifford AC 319 33:30 F U16350 Aoife O Dalaigh 460 33:45 F U16351 Michael Houston 197 34:02 M Junior352 Philip Kelly Fit4Life Lifford AC 222 35:30 M Senior353 Abigal Grant 175 36:41 F U16354 Donal Grant 176 36:42 M Senior355 Lauren McGrinder 320 36:55 F Junior356 Hannah Burns 41 36:57 F Senior357 Mary Meehan Lifford AC 355 37:24 F V2358 Joan Mc Hugh Lifford AC 329 40:26 F V3359 Helen O’Donnell 391 41:50 F V5360 Ann Houston 194 41:51 F V5361 Stephen Harper Convoy AC 188 45:30 M V1362 Stephanie Harper Convoy AC 187 45:44 F U16363 Neil Sweeney 438 46:07 M V2364 Christina Quinn Lifford AC 491 46:07 F V3365 Tina Duffy 129 46:28 F V4366 Emma Duffy 126 46:28 F Senior367 Emma O’Doherty 581 47:28 F Senior368 Ashleigh McArdle Lifford AC 464 17.05 F U16369 Alisha Cuskelly Lifford AC 89 19.04 F U16BARBOUR WINS LIFFORD 5K – WHERE DID YOU COME? was last modified: February 8th, 2015 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:donegalLifford 5Klast_img read more

St. Bernard’s Crusaders advances to NCS D3 semis with win over Mendocino Cardinals

first_imgEureka >> After a flat first half, the St. Bernard’s Crusaders erupted for three goals over the final 40 minutes to claim a 4-0 victory over the Mendocino Cardinals, advancing to the semifinal round of the North Coast Section Division III playoffs in the process.“We started off underestimating this team and started off a little sluggish,” said St. Bernard’s team captain Jayden Johnson, who tallied two goals in the game. “But we started connecting on passes and playing together as a team. … The …last_img

South Africa’s adventure diversity

first_img15 January 2009 Night-time miracle Still, the mountain vistas, the alpine meadows, the plethora of local flowers, plants and insects, a cascading waterfall, examples of Bushman rock art, and the curious mountain antelope and noisy baboons made for a memorable day. Just me and South Africa in the middle of the night. But it was our observation that there is a relative sense of peace and security here that is missing in many other parts of Africa. This article was first published in The Vancouver Sun. Republished here with kind permission of the author. Our tour guide took us on a 16-kilometre hike as part of our time spent in the Drakensberg Mountains. It was a challenging experience, to be sure, as my bad knee swelled up like a grapefruit during the course of this adventure, as a result of all the climbing and descending. Particularly beautiful and memorable was the Drakensberg Mountain Range, a world heritage site in the northeast corner of the country. Called “The Barrier of Spears,” this impenetrable-looking wall of mountains looks like a cross between the Grand Canyon and the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. Drakensberg is a favourite vacation spot for many South Africans and they take justifiable pride in it. It was a breathtaking, emotional moment and it ended up being one of the highlights of a fantastic 18-day tour of this beautiful country. Also, the cultural/historical/political dynamic that is prevalent in this land was fascinating to observe. The apartheid era ended only about 15 years ago and the Asian, black and white people are apparently still feeling each other out, so to speak. On our sojourn, we were delighted at how beautiful and varied the South African landscape is. From rolling green hills, fertile lands, soaring mountain ranges, plunging canyons, near jungle environments, Indian Ocean-side paradises, semi-desert regions, big city settings, and a non-stop montage of small African villages, it was one unexpected surprise after another. The Barrier of Spears I awoke and walked outside my mountain cabin to a night-time miracle of sight and sound so spectacular it took my breath away: a three-quarters full moon lighting up the alpine landscape, the nearby mountain range a mixture of moon-tinged clarity and shadowy quarters, moonlit clouds reaching over a part of the range like a ghostly waterfall, croaking frogs and chirping insects adding a background harmony of natural sound, the Southern Cross and Orion constellations standing out in the midst of a starry belt above, with the lights of a faraway African settlement providing an earthly contrast. However, it was a middle-of-the night event that caused my visit here to rise to the level of the sublime. We came back sunburnt, cut, scraped, sore – and thoroughly satisfied, as the end result of adventure tourism should be! Cultural/historical/political dynamic It was the big game parks and the country’s post-apartheid era of change that initially drew us to this land. As well, visiting the famous Paul Kruger National Park and the historic and political black township of Soweto were certainly everything advertised and expected. The big game animals that Africa is famous for were a thrill to see. Our family completed a wonderful tour of South Africa this past December. Our 18-day adventure tour took us from Johannesburg to Cape Town and interesting points in between, with a set of international travel companions from three continents. The lesson here is that there is more to South Africa than the great game parks. Pay a visit to the Drakensberg Mountain Range and other parts of this wonderful land and I guarantee that you won’t regret it. William Lindsay of Vancouver teaches at the University of British Columbia. The Lindsays’ tour was hosted by Drifters Adventure Tours.last_img read more